Dropblack Case for iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review

DROPBlack Matted Aluminum Protect Case for iPhone 5

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Oh, look what we have here: this is the Dropblack Case for iPhone 5 . This case was sent over by Eric Hsieh of Drop International, a Taiwan-based company that makes protective cases and accessories for iPhone 5. Here’s what we can say about this product.


The retail box of the Dropblack Case has a very premium look and feel. It actually gave me the impression that the box is more expensive than the case. Kiddingly aside, the impressive packaging actually made it quite a head-turner, and one would want to look for what’s inside the box. According to Drop, the high level and luxurious packaging is always DROP’s style; and it means that they put much effort to satisfy their clients.

DROPBlack Matted Aluminum Protect Case for iPhone 5

Browse through the photos to look at what contains its retail box:

DROPBlack is the 2nd product for iPhone 5 that under DROP and owns the different taste between Black and Orange color. It’s made of aluminium it definitely provides a great feel when put your iPhone 5 into the case.

The Matted Aero Grade Aluminium has this laser engraved orange accent, which makes it look very unique accessory for your iPhone 5, not to mention its 1st class assurance to protect the sides of your phones.Unfortunately, the case does not cover the back portion of the iPhone 5. Its smooth waistline side design even adds more grip to your iPhone 5.

You have to remember though, the anodized aluminium body of your iPhone 5 might easily be scratched by the case if the very thin padding wears out.

Installing the Dropblack Case for iPhone 5 is pretty easy. Simply place the iPhone 5 on the thicker steel frame, and slide in the thinner frame to seal off. Check out the video we prepared for your reference.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pcb-RMN46g[/youtube]

While I am very satisfied with its robust build and assurance to protect the device, the case is marred with its expensive price. Priced at $79, the case might hit more than PhP4,000 when it comes to the Philippines (inclusive applicable taxes). Unfortunately, as well, the case isn’t available yet at our favorite Apple resellers here in the Philippines.

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