ARM-Based Surface Pro 10 Spotted on Geekbench

Microsoft Surafce Pro 10

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Microsoft is set to unveil new Surface hardware at an event in Seattle on May 20. The anticipated releases include the Arm-powered Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, offering innovation and prowess.

It will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Plus, an unannounced SoC, that is set to become a mid-tier offering with a 10-core configuration, promising a dynamic computing experience.

Surface Pro 10 on Geekbench

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 front panel

The Geekbench DirectML performance test shows a 2410 scorecard with a balanced power plan and 16GB RAM, suggesting a new standard in processing power.

Moreover, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X platform is establishing 16GB RAM as the new norm, with Intel Core Ultra PCs offering 8GB RAM. The upcoming Windows 11 AI Explorer also recommends 16GB RAM as the recommended specification.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 10 is set to feature a vibrant OLED display with heightened contrast and pitch-dark blacks, marking a departure from its predecessors’ LCD-dominated landscape.

Visually reminiscent of its Intel-powered sibling, the Surface Pro 10 will inherit its sleek design cues and rounded display corners. It will also feature an updated Surface Pro Keyboard with a dedicated Copilot key for seamless navigation.

Microsoft Surafce Pro 10


  • What is the Snapdragon X Plus, and how does it fare against other processors?
    • The Snapdragon X Plus is Qualcomm’s upcoming System on Chip (SoC), positioned as a “mid-tier” offering. Boasting a 10-core configuration, it promises a balance of high-performance and efficient cores, making it a compelling contender in the processor arena.
  • What can we expect from the Surface Pro 10’s display?
    • Rumors suggest that the device may feature a new OLED display option, offering enhanced contrast and deeper blacks compared to LCDs. This could translate into a more immersive visual experience for users.
  • Will the Surface Pro 10 support Windows 11 AI Explorer’s recommended specs?
    • Yes, the device aligns with the recommended specifications for Windows 11 AI Explorer, which includes 16GB of RAM. This indicates that Microsoft’s latest offering is poised to deliver a seamless computing experience, tailored to meet the demands of AI-driven applications.
  • What distinguishes the Arm-powered Surface Pro 10 from its Intel counterpart?
    • While visually reminiscent of its Intel-powered sibling, the Arm-powered Surface Pro 10 is expected to offer a fresh take on computing, with a Snapdragon X Plus processor and a potential OLED display option. These features could set it apart in terms of performance and visual quality.
  • When can we expect the official unveiling of the Surface Pro 10?
    • Microsoft has announced an event scheduled for May 20 in Seattle, where it is expected to unveil the Surface Pro 10 alongside other Surface hardware offerings. Stay tuned for further updates and insights into Microsoft’s latest innovations.

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