Meta Horizon OS Will Be Open to Third-Party Manufacturers

Meta Horizon OS 3

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Meta announced its Horizon OS, powering Oculus headsets, will be open to third-party manufacturers like Asus and Lenovo. Asus will debut a ROG-branded headset for gamers, while Lenovo focuses on mixed reality devices for productivity, learning, and entertainment.

Horizon OS and Its Future

Meta Horizon OS 3

Though not confirmed, Meta hints these devices will likely use Qualcomm chipsets, akin to the Quest 3. Additionally, Meta collaborates with Xbox to co-create a limited-edition “Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox.”

Renaming the Meta Quest store to the Meta Horizon Store, Meta aligns it with the OS. The companion app follows suit, rebranded as Meta Horizon.

Breaking barriers, Meta merges the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab, simplifying software dissemination. An invitation is extended to the Google Play 2D app store to join Horizon OS.

Meta also introduces a spatial app framework, enabling mobile developers to create mixed-reality experiences for Horizon OS.

In addition, the company envisions Horizon OS as the go-to platform for AR/VR/MR headsets, akin to Windows for computers and Android for smartphones, fostering inclusivity across hardware device makers.


  • What is the Meta Horizon OS expansion about?
    • Meta has announced that its OS, the operating system powering Oculus headsets, will now be available for third-party manufacturers. This means companies like Asus and Lenovo can utilize Horizon OS in their upcoming VR and mixed-reality devices.
  • Which companies will be the first to use Horizon OS in their headsets?
    • Asus will be launching a ROG-branded headset targeted towards gamers, while Lenovo will focus on developing mixed reality devices tailored for productivity, learning, and entertainment purposes.
  • Will these devices use Qualcomm chipsets like the Quest 3?
    • While not confirmed officially, Meta strongly suggests that these devices will likely be powered by Qualcomm chipsets, similar to the ones used in the Quest 3.
  • What changes are happening to the Meta Quest store and companion app?
    • The Meta Quest store will now be known as the Meta Horizon Store to align with the OS branding. Additionally, the companion app will be renamed to Meta Horizon.
  • How does Meta plan to expand software availability on Horizon OS?
    • Meta is merging the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab, allowing easier access to software for developers who meet basic technical and content requirements. Additionally, Meta is extending an invitation to the Google Play 2D app store to join the company’s OS, promoting a more diverse app ecosystem.


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