New BIOS and Intel Graphics Driver for MSI Claw Delivers Significant Performance Improvement

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Good news for MSI Claw owners, as the brand’s new BIOS 106/EC105 and the new Intel Graphics Driver 101.5382 for the MSI Claw promise a significant performance boost across several popular game titles.

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The new BIOS update is available for download from the MSI product support page, while the latest Intel graphics driver is available through the MSI Center M Live Update or the Intel website.

Note: Previously, updating the BIOS required a USB drive and a hub or docking station with an adapter connected. However, the latest BIOS update no longer requires USB drives or additional hardware. Check the included SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) with the download for instructions.

This update brings performance improvements to the following games:

GamePerformance Improvement
Dead Space+21.9%
F1 23+43.5%
Helldivers 2+10.3%
Diablo 4+22.6%
Hogwarts Legacy+27.6%
Forza Horizon 5+18.4%

In addition to the performance gains, the update also includes various bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother gaming experience.


Q: How do I update the BIOS on my MSI Claw laptop?

A: Download the latest BIOS update from the MSI product support page and follow the included SOP for instructions. The update no longer requires a USB drive or additional hardware.

Q: Where can I find the latest Intel graphics driver for my MSI Claw?

A: You can download the latest Intel graphics driver through the MSI Center M Live Update or directly from the Intel website.

Q: Will this update improve performance in all games?

A: While the update promises significant performance gains in the listed games, the improvement may vary for other titles. However, the update includes general optimizations that should benefit overall gaming performance.


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