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Video Games

Dead Rising 2 – The Review

DISCLAIMER This review is for the PC version of Dead Rising 2 and for single player mode only. STORYLINE In a world where zombies are real, Chuck Greene (the story's protagonist) a veteran motorcross...
Black Ops Multiplayer

Treyarch Releases First Multiplayer Trailer of Call of Duty:Black Ops

Treyarch is back with the first multiplayer actual gameplay trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops and its packed with lots of super cool things! Here's my full commentary of the said trailer.
starcraft 2 philippines

Is Your PC Ready for Starcraft 2 and Kiss Kerrigan like a PRO?

Hey there Starcraft fans. Starcraft 2 will be officially launched tomorrow, July 27, 2010. Before you buy it, you might want to check out if your computer can run it first!

Street Fighter X Tekken Announced in Comic Con 2010

Comics and Video Games enthusiasts rejoiced when Namco announced Street Fighter X Tekken for PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Now, I really gotta have this game to find out the sore losers in Balrog - Steve Fox and Akuma - Heihachi bouts.

Game On! World GameMaster Tournament 2010

Friends, countrymen and gamers, lend me your eyes! The World GameMaster Tournament 2010 Finals will be held tomorrow at SM City Cyberzone, and I have hunch that our Filipino representatives will win it... BIG TIME.

Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer HD is out

The title says it all - the international trailer of the latest Final Fantasy XIII has been released! Watch it here now!

Generate Your Xbox Live Gamertag Widget

Here's how you can generate your Xbox Live Gamertag Widget.

Poll of the Month [January 2010]: Most Anticipated Games of 2010

2010 is LIVE and I bet some of you are waiting for the great games lined up for release this year! Vote for the Most Anticipated Games of 2010 (or even...

Poll of the Month [December 2009]: The Best Xbox 360 Game of 2009

We all just said goodbye to 2009 but you can still vote your best Xbox 360 Game of 2009 and receive a Google Wave Invitation! Do not forget to type in...

Video Game Awards 2009 Winners

If you were one of those who voted for the Video Game Awards through last week,  then you must know which games and studios made to the top of the...

10 Highly Anticipated Xbox 360 Games in 2010

Dark Void Developed by Airtight Games and published by Capcom on Unreal Engine 3 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, Dark Void will let you engage into some...

Quake 3 on N900

Consider this a breaking news. I've seen ports of Doom, Quake and other FPS on the Iphone but I've never seen a Quake 3 port to a mobile phone with full...

PSP Minis Cost Steeper than AppStore Games

Are you willing to purchase a $9.99 "mini" game for PSP Go? Apparently, PSP Minis cost way steeper than AppStore! I can buy 4 Collapse!Chaos from Appstore with $10 (Php 470.00). Familiar...

PSP Go Now Available

Last week, I gave you my impressions on the PSP Go. Today, the lil' brother of the PSP 3000 is now available for $249.99! Earlier this morning, I received an email...

Michael V and Video Games

Are you a gamer? Bong Godinez of PEP recently interviewed Michael V about the success of the opening of Yaya and Angelina. (The said movie opened with a Php 6M gross.) In...

Sony Japan Announces Availability of PS3 Slim Final Fantasy XIII Bundle

Sony Japan recently announced the availability PS3 Slim Final Fantasy XIII Bundle on December 17, 2009. The said console will be sold for ¥41,600 (that's about Php 22,000.00 here before taxes),...

JAGex Software Announces Graphic Remake of Runescape

Runescape Online Gamers will soon taste their favorite game in full 3D.I bet you enjoy playing this game because of overflowing anticipation, but wait till you feel how it's played in...