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If you just recently got your Steam Deck, it is very likely that you have been scouting for accessories for it. I know that there are some purists would rather not add anything or mod their Steam Deck, but some are really into “upgrading” their portable console to maximize its full potential.

If you are one of those who are into looking for a new case, you may want to take a look at what JSAUX is currently promoting – the ModCase for Steam Deck PC0104.

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What is it?

The ModCase is a modular case that will allow you to attach specific compatible mods to your Steam Deck. This might give dBrand’s Killswitch case a run for its money.

JSAUX’s modular case can turn your Steam Deck into three modes: basic mode, cooling mode and hub mode. Basic set, which costs $29.99 is your usual run of the mill case that protects the Steam Deck. Should you have any accessories in mind that you think will help you play a game for a longer period of time, you may opt to get a basic set plus a power bank kit for $79.99. You may also choose to select a Cooler Kit for $49.99 to boost the Steam Deck’s fan performance. If you’re into connecting peripherals to your Steam Deck, JSAUX is offering HUB and M.2 Slot Kit for $79.99 and $35.99 respectively. There is also an option for you to buy the Ultimate Kit, which consists of all the aforementioned mods, for only $149.99.

ModCase for SteamDeck 02 1300x.jpg

It’s coming soon!

At the time of this writing, the ModCase PC0104 is currently marked as “Coming Soon”. There is no word yet from JSAUX about when this will be available. Our wallet is ready for this though.

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