ZPG A1 Unicorn Handheld Now Official

ZPG A1 Unicorn banner

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GKD and RetroCN have announced the ZPG A1 Unicorn handheld, a gaming device with a unique circular d-pad design.

ZPG A1 Unicorn

ZPG A1 Unicorn

The Android-based ZPG A1 Unicorn, sourced from RetroCN, is expected to boast a 4-inch 720 x 720px screen perfect for 8-16 and 32-bit gaming.

The manufacturer also promises that this device sets itself apart because of its powerful performance compared to its competitors. However, its exact hardware is yet to be announced by the company.

ZPG A1 Unicorn banner

Other features of the A1 Unicorn –

  • Alternating analog stick position
  • Unique circular d-pad
  • Hall sensor analog sticks

The A1 Unicorn is said to be priced at USD 150 (around PHP 8,300) and may arrive at the end of 2023. You can also check out more handheld gaming news here.

*Prices in PHP are direct conversions using the exchange rate at the time the content was published. These are not indicative of actual local pricing and don’t include additional costs like taxes, etc.


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