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Video Games

Support Our Filipino Game Developers by Voting for Spellstrike!

Our fellow Filipino game developers are in need of your support as they have the chance of a lifetime to be supported by Square Enix Collective! The game is called Spellstrike, which...

PS4 DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor Now Available in DataBlitz!

Ever wanted to use a Dual Shock 4 controller to play streamed games via PlayStation Now or PS4 Remoted Play on your PC or MAC? Then look no further because DataBlitz...

Pokemon GO Essentials on Sale via Takatack

There's no doubt that Pokemon GO has taken the Philippines by storm. And with all the events going around, you better be equipped for your adventures. So our friends from Takatack...

Pokemon GO Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

The latest Pokemon GO update includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements. For example, this addresses an issue with curve ball accuracy, as well as incorrect medal icons in the...

Pokemon GO Officially Lands in PH

The long wait is finally over! Pokemon GO has finally arrived in the Philippines and 14 other countries. The announcement was made by Niantic on their website. A lot of people have...

Smart to Give Free Access to Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm since it first launched last July 6. Now the game is already available in over 30 countries. In the Philippines, a lot of...

David Goyer Collaborates with Industrial Light and Magic to produce and release a VR...

There's a free VR movie where you get to play as Darth Vader! Good news: it's available on July 18. Bad news: most of us can't play it yet. Here's why.

Pokémon Go, a sensational app riddled with Cyber and Real-World Risks

Many people - including Filipinos - still dared to download an APK version of the application. A lot also installed the game without paying attention to the nitty-gritty details of its app permissions and terms of use. There are inherent risks on the aforementioned user actions, and yet, most seemed to ignore or never dared to even scrutinize. Here's a drill-down of the risks in playing this game.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Opens First Flagship Store in the Philippines

Just today, July 16, 2016, the number one gaming brand worldwide opened its first concept store in the country.

Pokemon Go is Coming to the Philippines in a few hours (*Update: Statement from...

There are plenty of reasons why Niantic should officially make the augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go, available in the Philippines.

Why I still play The Division That’s it? Often, this is the question we gamers ask ourselves when we finish a much-hyped game’s single-player campaign. As is the case with most blockbuster shooter games, the single-player is too...

Playpark is bringing Kritika Online to SEA this May 2016

Are you into fast-paced action MMORPG? Then you better check this game out that will soon be available in the Philippines via Playpark.

Supercharge your Ultimate PS4 Gaming at Home with PLDT Fibr

PLDT Home X Sony Playstation! Woohoo! PLDT to bundle the Playstation 4 to new and upgrading PLDT Fibr customers. More details here.

Supercell Launches Clash Royale, Smart Fuels your Real-time Gameplay Experience with PasaData

Helsinki-based game company, Supercell, that developed the much-loved Clash of Clans has finally launched Clash Royale, a card-based multiplayer game that features the Royales.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Here's our review of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

7 New ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops That You Should Know

Here's a quick recap of the prices and features of the new ROG laptops of ASUS.

10 Things I Discovered while playing The Division Beta

I cannot wait to buy and play this game in March!!!!

NBA2K Online Open Beta Test is Now Online, Check Our Sample Gameplays

Basketball F2P Online game, NBA2K Online, promises to change the game. Open Beta Access, now available.