Huawei Talks About Shared Responsibility for a Shared Future


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Huawei Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board Catherine Chen delivered a keynote speech at the online Better World Summit 2020 which was held last month. The GWM was also led by Huawei Rotating Chairman, Guo Ping.

The summit included representatives from the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R), GSMA, European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA), to name a few.

According to Chen, telecom regulators across many nations and industries must work together to address the shared challenges that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and create a more inclusive future for all.

“We envision a more connected, intelligent, and innovative future,” said Chen. “Above all else, we must ensure this is an inclusive, sustainable, and better future by all, for all.”

Economic activity in certain countries has begun to return to normal as more countries and regions successfully infection control measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Multiple governments have launched a variety of stimulus plans, and ICT invariably has held a key place in these plans.

China has the New Infrastructure plan that sets aside over USD 140 billion to be invested in 5G over the next five years. This is expected to grow China’s digital economy by more than USD 2 trillion and boost domestic economic recovery. The EU has also announced a EUR 1.1 trillion package to enhance economic recovery.

“To revive the economy, we need top-down designs, as well as bottom-up creativity and vitality,” noted Chen. “Supporting government policies coupled with active digital transformation across the industry will bring the benefits of digital technology to all industries, boost their efficiency, and restore growth.”

In addition, Chen shared that Huawei will continue the Seeds for the Future program which has benefited more than 30,000 students from over 400 universities in 108 countries and regions.

“Huawei is continuing with its flagship Seeds for the Future program. This program was launched in 2008, and is designed to develop local ICT talent,” said Chen. “Due to the pandemic, we are moving the program online and opening it up to more outstanding students than ever before,” she added.

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