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It Reached our “Impressive” mark on our Initial Impressions

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MyPhone My35 has been out for more than 2 months now, and we just couldn’t take hands off of it. After using it as our personal phone for quite some time, we thought that you might want to know some of the things about the phone.

In case you you missed our unboxing and initial impressions video, you can easily check it out below.

Its Build and Construction are Top-Notch

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Its overall build is one of the reasons why you’d love the My35. It may be an “old kid on the block” but it can definitely stand out in the competition.

Its side bezels look pretty solid, and its glass front and back panels are stunning. It’s heavy though – heavier than its counterparts. Its slight heft give it a robust feel and look, which some of you would prefer.

The capacitive buttons on the phone look sexy. The left and menu keys light up when you touch the screen.

Its HD Screen Looks Good

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The device has HD IPS 1280 x 720 screen with 294 ppi. It may not be enough to burst your retina, but it’s good enough to show details of your content. Color saturation is balanced, and texts look sharp. If you’re into playing videos on your mobile device, My35 has the knack of enhancing the

It Takes Amazing Photos

As seen on the photos we took above, it’s obvious that the MyPhone My35 can take stunning photos. Of course, “stunning” is relative to the one taking photos because there are tons of things to consider when we talk about mobile photography like composition, framing, environment, etc.

My35’s sensors is pretty dope! It can take and render photos properly. Colors are accurate, but the saturation is too OP (overpowered). MyPhone’s camera software has several modes available ranging HDR to Live Photo (rear facing camera enabled). There’s even PIP Mode, which is MyPhone’s version of Dual Camera Mode. Check out sample photos below.

Its 13mp back camera is capable of taking 4160×3120 (4:3) photos and can zoom up to 4x. If you want to take 16:9 photos, the maximum resolution you can get is up to 2560×1920.

As for its 5mp front facing camera, it can take 2560×1920 (4:3) photos and can zoom up to 4x.

It can also take good videos

MyPhone My35 Sample Photo20

I took some videos using My35’s front and facing camera. Both videos we took turned out to be okay. Check both videos below.



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