Google x IMMAP AImagine Marketing: How AI Boosts, Not Replaces, Human Creativity

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AI has sparked many conversations due to apprehensions of making humans obsolete. Google Philippines and the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) recently held a forum on the new technology at The Yard in BGC titled AImagine Marketing. Where experts from both the company and the organization shared their thoughts on AI and its uses in marketing.

Google x IMMAP Aimagine Marketing

The experts say that AI is more a tool that can bring out the best in people in various fields. AI can help boost humans’ innate creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

Google x IMMAP AImagine Marketing forum Angel Guerrero and Nikki Del Gallego
Angel Guerrero, adobo Magazine Founder, EIC, and President and Nikki Del Gallego, Google Philippines Data and Insights Lead

I’m a data analyst and I work with data a lot. So, it’s a tough question to ask myself, but then I think about how I can use AI to benefit me. I cannot process large amounts of data in a matter of seconds. AI can do that better. So, it’s that partnership of human and machine that brings out the best of what we can achieve. Instead of fearing what would replace us, we can look at what AI can do to enrich us.”

Nikki Del Gallego, Google Philippines Data and Insights Lead

AI can give its best shot at coming up with its own ideas for something that may not quite exist yet or something that is a little difficult to articulate at present, which people can then finetune. Raymond Sison, Agency Propel Manila Partner and Chief Creative Officer and IMMAP Chairperson swears by Google’s new TextFX AI experiment which helps writers come up with creative copies in a few prompts.

Google x IMMAP AImagine Marketing forum Raymond Sison
Raymund Sison, Agency Propel Manila Partner and Chief Creative Officer and IMMAP Chairperson for Digital Young Creators

You can use AI as your brainstorm buddy, your imagination enhancer, and more. This will open up a thousand creative portals for you,” he said.

AI as a Growth and Results Multiplier

Google x IMMAP AImagine Marketing forum Denise Haak
Denise Haak, IMMAP President

“With AI, your analytics now becomes like 10x because it helps you find patterns that you might have missed, hidden things that you might not particularly see. This helps us get stronger insights that help us make better decisions overall.”

Denise Haak, IMMAP President

Examples of marketing campaigns powered by Google AI were present at the forum.

Google x IMMAP AImagine Marketing forum Cynthia Dayco
Cynthia Dayco, Chairperson of the Boomerang Awards and Metrobank Head of Content

Some people think that AI is still in the future. No, we’re actually seeing it now in some of the award entries,” said Cynthia Dayco, Boomerang Awards Chairperson and Metrobank Head of Content. “We actually have a category called Crystal Boomerang for which a lot of performance campaigns that use Google AI have been submitted. Using Google AI, you have greater reach, greater conversions and more incremental revenue.”

Using AI Responsibly

Because AI is a still-emerging form of technology, companies have a critical role to play in paving the way for the proper, fair, and judicious of AI.

As part of its commitment to responsible AI, Google, together with Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI announced the formation of the Frontier Model Forum. It is a new industry body focused on ensuring safe and responsible development of frontier AI models.

The new body will draw on the technical and operational expertise of its member companies to benefit the entire AI ecosystem.

Google believes that building AI responsibly must be a collective effort across society including government, companies, universities, and more to promote innovation that benefits everyone.

With AI, the possibilities of human creativity never seem to end. You can try out generative AI via Google Bard.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in watching the AImagine Marketing forum, you can watch the video below:

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