TikTok Ban Legislation Signed by Biden

Biden bands TikTok

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President Biden signed legislation that may ban TikTok in the US unless Chinese parent company ByteDance sells the app within a specified timeframe, part of a broader aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

TikTok Ban in the US Imminent?

ByteDance has a nine-month window to divest its platform, with a potential one-year extension. President Biden can extend this period if progress is made. Failure to comply could lead to a nationwide ban on on the platform, set for January 2025 or April 2025.

This decision has sparked controversy due to the Biden administration’s paradoxical stance, which uses TikTok to engage voters and advocate for its ban over national security concerns.

Biden bands TikTok

The social media company responded by pledging to challenge the ban in court, arguing it infringes on free speech rights and lacks substantial national security justification. The company and its supporters contend that the ban may violate the First Amendment by impeding access to foreign information and media without a compelling government interest.

The ongoing legal and political disputes surrounding TikTok, particularly with ByteDance, will significantly impact the company’s future in the US, particularly as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

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