Apple Vision Pro Production Reduced Because of Low Demand in the US

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Apple has reduced Vision Pro mixed reality headset production by nearly half, reducing the initial plan from 800,000 units to 400,000-450,000 units, indicating lower demand than anticipated in the US market.

Apple Vision Pro is Underperforming

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s report suggests that the underperformance of the Vision Pro could lead to the cancellation of a planned 2025 update for the headset. The subdued demand points to several factors that have likely played a role. 

Firstly, the high price tag of USD 3,499 makes it a luxury item rather than an impulse purchase for most consumers. Secondly, the headset’s bulky and cumbersome design may not align well with everyday usage scenarios for many individuals.

Apple vision pro lenses

Because of this, purchasing the VR headset requires both a strong interest in the technology and a willingness to make a substantial financial and ergonomic commitment. Despite its impressive micro-OLED displays, optics, and sleek interface, the lack of a standout application may further dampen consumer enthusiasm.

Furthermore, Kuo highlights the absence of a compelling app for the headset, which is presented more as a mixed-reality device focusing on real-world video passthrough rather than a dedicated virtual reality (VR) headset primarily focused on gaming.

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The VR headset, despite its impressive technological advancements, is primarily targeted at a niche market due to its high price and physical limitations.

Consequently, the adjustments in Vision Pro production may not significantly alter the trajectory of MR and VR technologies, given its inherent niche status within the consumer electronics space.


  • Why has Apple reduced production volumes of the Vision Pro headset?
    • Apple has adjusted production due to lower-than-expected demand in the US market, as initial sales performance fell short of projections, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
  • What factors contributed to the subdued demand for the Vision Pro headset?
    • The headset’s high price of USD 3,499 and bulky design may limit its appeal to affluent consumers and discourage those seeking more practical devices.
  • Is the cancellation of a 2025 update for the Vision Pro confirmed?
    • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests Vision Pro’s underperformance could cancel a 2025 update, but this is based on projections and not officially confirmed by Apple.
  • What distinguishes the Apple Vision Pro from other VR headsets?
    • The device is a mixed-reality headset with real-world video passthrough, featuring advanced micro-OLED displays, optics, and a sleek interface, primarily aimed at gaming.
  • What impact does this adjustment have on the broader MR and VR headset market?
    • The Vision Pro’s production volume adjustment may not reflect broader market trends or consumer interest in more accessible, user-friendly MR devices with similar technical capabilities.

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