Colorful Launches Its RTX 3090, RTX 3080, RTX 3070 GPU Lineup


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Nvidia’s Ampere-based RTX 30 series graphics card are still the talk of the town as its brand partners are just beginning to launch their products. Colorful just went all-out in their RTX 30 series product launch with five product series for the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070.

Colorful iGame Vulcan Series

Colorful Vulcan RTX 3090, Vulcan RTX 3080 Vulcan RTX 3070

The Colorful iGame Vulcan series is distinctively known for its enormous LCD display. The RTX 30 series’ Vulcan series now has an upgraded display with a 480mm x 120mm screen and can be flipped 90° for vertical mounting compatibility. The LCD can display custom JPG images, GIFs, or hardware monitoring info.

Colorful iGame Neptune Series

Colorful iGame Neptune RTX 3090, Neptune RTX 3080 Neptune RTX 3070

Colorful is the first brand to release an RTX 30 series GPU that uses a custom liquid cooling solution. The Colorful iGame Nepture uses the brand’s third-gen liquid cooling system featuring a 240mm radiator. The Neptune series is also outfitted with RGB lighting on the water block that’s customizable via the iGame Center app.

Colorful iGame Advanced Series

Colorful iGame Advanced RTX 3090, Advanced RTX 3080 Advanced RTX 3070

The Color iGame Advanced series is geared toward the mainstream line with a more reasonable cooling solution without the fancy LCD display. The Advance series still has RGB lighting, now located on the center cooling fan. Advanced series RTX 30 graphics cards come with a toolbox that has a screwdriver and a VGA holder.

Colorful iGame Ultra Series

Colorful iGame Ultra RTX 3090, Ultra RTX 3080 Ultra RTX 3070

Colorful’s RTX 30 Ultra series sports a fresh new design with chromatic accents across the cooling shroud. This three-slot form factor uses one 80mm fan on the center and two 90mm fans to cool the latest Ampere GPUs.

Colorful iGame NB Series

Colorful iGame NB RTX 3090, NB RTX 3080 NB RTX 3070 PH

The Colorful iGame NB series is the brands budget product stack but it still features a triple-fan design, an upgrade over the RTX 20’s dual fan shroud.

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