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Fire Emblem Three Houses released last July 26 and it indeed turned a lot of first timers into instant fans of the franchise. SuperGroupies took the opportunity to create an apparel collab with the Fire Emblem franchise, taking advantage of the recent success it has been enjoying. The results? Fantastic pieces across 3 Fire Emblem games that is sure to take all your money! Peep the whole collection below:

Path of Radiance

por watch bag

Each Fire Emblem game is represented by 3 items and first is Path of Radiance, which has a bag, a watch, and a scarf to go along with.

First up is the watch, which is inspired by the protagonist Ike. The sword of Ragnell adorns the watch face along with the medallion, a keepsake of his mother. Behind, the emblem of Crimea is engraved along with a red / blue motif that completes the whole look of the timepiece. This piece will set you back 16,800 Yen, or roughly around 8,500 PHP exclusive of taxes.


Next up is the bag, which is also inspired by Ike’s outfit colors. Ike’s bandana and the mark of the Greil Mercenaries are subtle touches to this already fashionable backpack and will cost you 13,800 Yen, around 6,500 PHP.


Last is the scarf, which is reminiscent of the scarf Ike has. Ike’s sword, bandana, and axe adorn the scarf tag and to complete the look, a pin representing the Greil Mercenaries. Costing 10,800 Yen, or around 5,400 PHP, get this to complete the whole look!


aw bag watch

Next up is Awakening, arguably the best Fire Emblem title to date. With Iconic characters such as Chrom and Lucina, you can’t go wrong with the pieces from this collection!

First the watch. Etched with a Binding Shield design, the hands are shaped like the Falchions that Chrom and Lucina carry. On the back, the Mark of the Naga can be seen.


The bag hosts the cleanest color combination among the three, with a white and blue motif adorned with the falchions from the game.


The scarf is equally as enticing, with a cream color that hosts the Mark of the Naga and a pin with the Binding Shield along with the Falchions.

Three Houses

th bag watch

Three Houses is the latest entry in the franchise and it has quickly rose to blockbuster status as possibly one of the best Fire Emblem games alongside Awakening.

The watch is elegant in black, covered with the crests on the front and the Sword of the Creator-like hands, the back shows the Crest of Flames as well.


Draped in black with purple accents, the backpack hosts the Church of Seiros emblem along with the Sword of the Creator.


The scarf is the most iconic piece in the collection, making you look exactly like the avatar Byleth in the game.


How do you get these pieces? Well you better hurry because these are limited! Starting Aug. 27 until Sept. 17 (or until the total number of orders has reached maximum), pre-orders are up on the SuperGroupies Website with delivery of the items around late December for the bag and scarf, and late February 2020 for the watch.

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