Fortnite mobile runs at 60fps but at a cost, says GameBench

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Epic games finally got Fortnite mobile running at 60 frames per second (fps) on some high-spec Android phones, as well as on the latest iPhones. The major technical feat brings mobile Fortnite closer to the quality of the console version. However, this, of course, comes at a compromise, especially for passively-cooled smartphones.

iphone xs max fortnite mobile 60fps

Photo: GameBench

When the 60fps mode of Fortnite arrived on iPhone at the end of last year, it received a lot of praise for making the game look and feel better. Although, tests of GameBench have shown that it can be short-lived. They saw that after 15-20 minutes of gameplay, the frame rate became erratic, even on the high-end iPhone XS Max. This could be due to thermal throttling as the iPhone starts to overheat.

iphone xs max 30fps fortnite mobile 60fps

Photo: GameBench

In their tests, a battle began at 60fps and deliver an average of 60fps, but in the second numerous frame rate drops were seen down as far as 30 fps. By contrast, Fortnite runs with better stability when left at the default 30fps setting.

Initial tests were run on Android devices (specifically the Huawei Mate 20 X) and it was found that the Fortnite had a separate issue with the 60fps mode, image quality. The powerful anti-aliasing to help smooth the jagged edges made the game look more pixelated on Android.

iphone huawei fortnite mobile 60fps

Photo: GameBench

Manual pixel counting suggested the resolution on the Huawei Mate 20 X was at 530p versus the 720p when played at 30fps with Epic graphic quality. The same high-quality anti-aliasing wasn’t found on the iPhone.

The bigger resolution change on Android potentially hurts competitiveness, especially during long-range scanning and shooting.

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