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Last November 2015, we reviewed the Infinix Hot Note. It was Infinix’s first iteration of Note, and during that time, ‘Note’ was already overused moniker for phablets with more than 5.5-inches of screen. Nevertheless, Hot Note lived up to our hype and we regarded it as something ‘absolutely right, from the design, to the performance, to the price.’

A couple of weeks ago, Leo Yu of Infinix visited the Philippines to introduce and launch Infinix Note 2. They dropped the term ‘Hot’ this time for reasons we do not know, but we’re utterly amazed with its new features and specifications.

Infinite Note 2 25

We must admit though that the new Note from the Hong Kong-based mobile phone company isn’t packed with new technologies as it was originally announced in Hong Kong last December 2015. Interestingly, Infinix found a way to make it more appealing and purchase-worthy at the time when phones from Starmobile and Cherry Mobile are dominating the market: it just costs PhP5,999; and you can get it now via Lazada.

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To make things more interesting about Infinix Note 2, we took a long look at its new features, which you are probably not aware of. We hope that through the list we compiled below, we would give you an idea why we think the phone is worth buying.

Infinite Note 2 8

It’s 37% faster than Infinix Hot Note

The new Infinix Hot Note is packed with Mediatek 6573 with 1.3Ghz octa-core processor and 2gb RAM. For technical reference, its performance is comparable to Cherry Mobile’s Flare X. User experience of the phone is very fluid, thanks to its XUI interface that sits on top Android Lollipop 5.1. We’ll talk more about its interface later.

Swiping windows, and switching from pane to pane is smooth on Note 2. We were impressed with the first Note, but Note 2 proved to be a far better upgrade than its predecessor. If you’re into benchmark results, the device registered an Antutu score of 35,042, a tad lower than Meizu Note 3 but a little higher than the 2nd gen Flare X. It got a Quadrant Standard score of 21,854; and 3DMark score of

Dynamic Default Lockscreen

Infinite Note 2 9

Note 2 has a dynamic default lockscreen, a feature integrated in XUI. A new lockscreen image and quote show up whenever the screen is turned on. The lockscreen also sometimes shows the latest football scores, and also tells various celebrations around the world. It’s a pretty neat setup, and may easily be replaced if you not up for it.

It has “Anti Inadvertently Mode”

Infinite Note 2 24

There are times when we inadvertently unlock our phones inside our pockets. What Note 2’s “Anti Inadvertently Mode” does is it disallows unwanted unlocks by turning on the light sensor above its screen when the phone is locked.

2-Day Battery Life is For Reals!

Infinite Note 2 5

Infinix wasn’t joking when they said that this phone can last for 2-days. In fact, in our case, our phone lasted for 2.5 days at moderate to heavy usage. Such capacity is ideal for those who are heavy users of Facebook and Google Chrome.  The said devices consume a lot of memory and processing power, therefore can drain a significant amount of power “juice”. Not in the case of Infinix Note 2.

What is even more interesting about this phone is that it is equipped with OTG data line, which allows users to turn the phone into a power bank for other devices.

Now here comes the more awesome part: 15 minutes of charging the phone is already enough for you to use the phone for calls for full 8 hours. We didn’t try this, obviously, but we think that this is highly plausible given its dual-IC charge design that charges the phone quickly.

Camera Features are aplenty

Note 2 is packed with impressive camera specifications. In fact, before we even talk about the features, it’s worth discussing the camera sensor that this phone has. Infinix Note 2’s main camera is 13mp with Samsung ISOCELL Sensor. It has phase detection auto focus technology, which allows the camera to quickly focus on subjects.

Infinite Note 2 6

Its camera application hosts several features and modes like beauty, professional (manual), night, panorama and PIP. It also has available filter presets, which works either on video or photo mode.

Infinite Note 2 21

Infinite Note 2 22

The device can take photos with acceptable quality: saturation is balanced, vividness is not too overblown, and level of detail is highly acceptable. There are some photos that I took using Normal mode though that are a little hazy on my standard, and some come out a little dark.

PDAF or phase detection autofocus works most of the time, but I sometimes still found myself struggling to focus on subjects.

It has pre-installed screen record application with audio

Infinite Note 2 Sample Photos 24

If you’re into recording your mobile gameplays, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can easily do it via Infinix Note 2 without downloading any applications. What’s even interesting here is that unlike some screen recording apps, the one pre-installed on Note 2 also captures audio from the phone’s speaker.

I hope you found our list interesting, and make you consider the phone as part of your list. It is now available via Lazada for PhP5,999.



Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of gadgetpilipinas.net, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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