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There is a plethora of brands that feature accessories for devices, be it something that protects your phone or something that helps you more productive. One of the brands that resonates for me is Targus; a United States-based manufacturer of accessories mostly related to mobile computing and photography. We’ve featured most of their products on our websites, and despite being priced with a bit of a premium, Targus has been one of the avid choices of gadget lovers.

Targus products we’ve featured on our website and on TV so far are:

What Targus products do I use?

I personally own a Targus Bluetooth Keyboard and a Transit Topload. The keyboard is a huge help when it comes to being productive even outside the confines of my home and office. The Topload, moreover, is perfect for me to carry around my tech stuff. Because I really like the Targus brand so much, I recently purchased 2 more products from them last month:

  • Targus W063 Wireless BlueTrace Mouse
  • Targus Dual Fan Chill Mat

Targus W063 Wireless BlueTrace Mouse

Targus Bluetrace Bluetooth Mouse

The bluetooth mouse is a good addition to my productivity tools. Its features Bluetrace technology, which makes it so precise and accurate. Targus claims that the 2 AA batteries on this device will last for 12 months at moderate usage! I find it comfortable to hold and use as well although I find the left and right buttons too soft.

We all know that bluetooth receivers can easily get lost. Targus considered this worrisome fact during the design of the W063 that is why they integrated a slot for the receiver.

Price: PhP999

Targus AWE79AP Dual Fan Chill Mat

I mostly use my laptop to write articles and produce video content. At night, I sit comfortably on our bed and place my trusty Macbook Pro on my lap. You would agree with me that most of the time, our netbooks would tend to be uncomfortably hot to be placed on our laps. This is where Targus’ chill mat comes in very handy.

AWE79AP_Dual Fan Chill Mat

It’s overall design is topnotch; and I specifically like the materials they used. This mat can support up to 15.4″ laptops, promises to keep laptops and your laps unharmed. It’s all thanks to this accessory’s dual fans. This isn’t something that you wish to carry around, but you wouldn’t mind doing so because it’s lightweight (only 1.38lbs) and stylish. And unlike other mats that I’ve used, Targus’ mat has L-shaped rubber stops to keep the laptop in place.


Price: PhP 1,649

3 Decades of Dedication to Mobile Lifestyle

Perhaps, one of the reasons why we love the Targus brand is its unparalleled dedication to support the ever growing mobile lifestyle. Despite the decreasing demand of laptops, Targus hasn’t stopped in creating bags and cases. Targus is also able to easily adapt to the shift of interest on tablets and ultrabooks.

For 30 years, Targus has been an advocate of pioneering new technologies and innovations like the USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station and Bluetrace mice.

Just recently, Targus acquired Sena, a premier designer of luxurious leather cases for popular mobile devices. Such brave and forward-looking initiative by Targus is a demonstration of its commitment to widen its product offerings to more segments and channels. We happen to have a loaner unit from Sena and we’ll be very happy to unbox and try it out pretty soon!

sena cases

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of gadgetpilipinas.net, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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