ZTE Hosts 5G Summit and User Congress 2023 with the theme “Embrace the Digital Nexus”

Xiao Ming, President of Overseas at ZTE

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ZTE Corporation kicked off its yearly 5G Summit & User Congress 2023 in Thailand. The event’s theme, “Embrace the Digital Nexus,” brought together folks from telecom, industry groups, and analysts worldwide. They talked about 5G, future networks, and the digital world.

Xiao Ming, ZTE’s President of Overseas, started things with a speech.

“In this interconnected world empowered by 5G-A, where space and earth are linked, between them is the ubiquitous network. Such as the XR and Metaverse are crafting realities previously unimagined. The digital force uplifts all industries, propelling human civilization to break barriers and ascend in these transformative times continuously. Dreamers among us are courageously bringing these to life. Infinite evolution leads to a thriving intelligent century.”

Ming talked about ZTE’s work in the digital industry.

“Working alongside 110 operators on 5G, we’ve fostered an ecosystem with over 1000 industry partners,” he stated. “Our vision for the future emphasizes digital cohesion, where functionalities are modular, easily accessible, and customizable. Our focus remains on capacity, efficiency, fusion, and green.”

John Hoffman, GSMA Ltd.’s CEO, said:

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd.

“5G networks, 5G Advanced, and the technologies they enable, will revolutionize the world. But we must keep working together to build a sustainable future, where everyone, everywhere can reap the full benefits of connectivity. The ZTE 5G Summit is a great opportunity for the industry to share knowledge and best practices for the future, and we look forward to continuing the conversation at MWC Barcelona 2024!”

Rudolf Schrefl, CEO of Hutchison Drei Austria, shared:

Rudolf Schrefl, CEO, Hutchison Drei Austria

“Embracing 5G stands not just for technological upgrade, but for revolutionizing customer experience—connecting people and devices with unprecedented speed and reliability, turning every digital interaction into a seamless journey, transforming how we live, work, and engage with the world around us.”

ZTE wants to be a leader in the digital economy, supporting global digital changes with smart tech. With a range of solutions, ZTE can meet the needs of global operators, governments, and businesses.

At the event, ZTE showed off its cool products and solutions at Thailand’s innovation center, demonstrating how everything in the digital world is connected and changing.

In the “Wireless Everything” area, ZTE shared plans to update existing 4G networks for future 5G success. They highlighted the importance of improving networks with local tools and eco-friendly energy.

As a top player in all-optical networks, ZTE talked about the value of an all-optical network through various products, showing their commitment to improving optical network tech.

In the servers and storage area, ZTE brought out full-scenario servers and storage solutions, giving power to the growing digital needs.

ZTE Mobile Devices showcased innovative products, like the nubia Pad 3D, the world’s first AI-powered 3D tablet, the nubia Neo 5G, a 5G gaming phone for beginners, and the Blade V50 Design with a stylish look. ZTE’s FWA and MBB products are leading globally, and they aim to please consumers worldwide with competitive products and services.

Working with operators and industry partners, ZTE aims to build a digital and smart ecosystem for shared success, always contributing to sustainable development.

ZTE Provides a Space for Ideas

The ZTE 5G Summit and User Congress 2023 provided a space for global partners to share ideas and shape the future of communication in the digital era. Held on November 14 and 15 in Bangkok, Thailand, this marked the 10-year anniversary of the annual ZTE Global User Congress. For more info, click here.

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