Acer Wins 12 Red Dot Awards, Including Acer Day #MakeYourGreenMark Campaign

Acer Wins 12 Red Dot Awards (1)

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Acer Day’s #MakeYourGreenMark campaign has notched a prestigious Red Dot award in Advertising, accompanied by a slew of 11 other honors for Acer’s efforts in this year’s Brand and Communication Design competition, marking a record number of wins for the brand.

Acer Day

The #MakeYourGreenMark campaign encourages sustainability through unique promotions, partnerships with charitable organizations, and entertaining events.

Acer Wins 12 Red Dot Awards (2)

For this campaign, Acer gathered 18 global ambassadors from seven regions in Asia Pacific to champion the cause, spreading Acer’s message worldwide. The result was a groundbreaking campaign that changed the direction of global sustainability efforts and affirmed Acer’s commitment to a more eco-friendly future.

In the Philippines, Acer held a “Green Mark” concert featuring popular local artists. Fans could attend by participating in green initiatives like donations to The Green Earth Heritage Foundation and contributing plastic to The Plastic Flamingo. This event made a significant impact on environmental conservation.

The concert drew 15,000 attendees in-person and online, reaching over 714 million people worldwide. Moreover, the campaign raised over Php1 million, which will be used to plant 5,401 trees and donate over 20 metric tons of plastic for sustainable construction materials.

Acer’s #Acer21DayChallenge, supported by Acer and Predator ambassadors like Sarah Geronimo, SB19, and Alodia Gosiengfiao, inspired a movement for environmental awareness. This initiative reached 6.5 million users in the Philippines and gained traction on TikTok, demonstrating the power of creative engagement in driving global sustainability efforts.

The Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design competition, established in 1993, recognizes creative campaigns and their impact on branding and communication. This competition enhances the visibility and credibility of brands and projects in the global design community.

For more details, visit Acer’s official social media pages on Facebook (@acerPH), Instagram (@acerph), Twitter (@acerphils), or their official website,

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