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If you have noticed more accounts on Facebook and Instagram with a blue check, that’s because Meta has officially rolled out its Meta Verified service, for PHP 420/month if you pay via Facebook on web, and PHP 499/month if you pay via the mobile app. You’ll also have to pay a separate subscription if you also want to get the verified badge on Instagram.

So, what exactly do you get if you’re Meta-Verified?

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  1. Well, the very first and obvious benefit is that you get a verified badge, which, apart from bragging rights (c’mon, we know), ensures that the account is actually owned by you. It means that Meta has verified your identity via an ID (we’ll get to this later).
  2. Apart from your details being locked behind two-factor authentication, being Meta-verified means that you’re less likely to be impersonated by other people thanks to proactive and manual protection provided for meta-verified users, reducing the risk of scams done using your identity.
  3. Access to direct account support, which means you’ll get to talk to a real person when you have issues with your account.
  4. Exclusive stickers and on Stories and Reels across Facebook and Instagram. For select markets, there will also be 100 stars a month on Facebook that you can use to show support for your favorite creators.
  5. You also get access to trial features, giving you a glimpse of what’s to come for the platform.

So, How to Get Meta Verified?

  1. Open Instagram or Facebook, then go to Settings
  2. Go to Accounts Center
  3. Click/Tap Meta-Verified
  4. You’ll then get a prompt to subscribe or join a wait list.

So, will you get yourself Meta Verified? why or why not? let us know!

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