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Coral reefs, some of the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet, are facing a significant threat due to the slow but steady rise in global and ocean temperatures. This is concerning for reefs in the Philippines, which are situated in one of the world’s marine biodiversity hotspots and have experienced bleaching in the past.

Google Partners with Marine Biologists and Ecologists for Sound Solutions for Saving Coral Reefs

But marine scientists are not giving up hope. They are using the latest technology to fight back against this threat and preserve these ecosystems. As such, Google Arts & Culture has partnered with marine biologists and ecologists to launch the Calling in Our Corals project, which aims to utilize AI to monitor coral reefs.

The project involves placing hydrophones on coral reefs around the world, which can record the sounds of marine life and provide insights into the health, biodiversity, and activity of animals in these habitats. By playing these sounds back through underwater speakers, the scientists can even attract new marine life to damaged reefs.

AI plays a critical role in this project by developing a bioacoustic model that can accelerate research and help scientists monitor and track marine ecosystems in a way that was never possible before. People can also help train the AI by identifying various sounds of marine life in audio recordings taken from reefs in different countries.

By collaborating, scientists and citizen scientists can train AI models to listen to reefs, accelerate monitoring efforts, and measure the success of marine protected areas and restoration programs. The ultimate goal is to use AI to identify different species’ sounds automatically and gain a better understanding of the ocean’s diversity, thus protecting the natural resources that surround us.

To participate and help in Calling in Our Corals, visit the Google Arts and Culture site here.

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