OPPO Introduces OHealth H1, MariSilicon Y Chip, and Air Glass 2 to Kick Off OPPO INNO Day 2022

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OPPO has started OPPO INNO Day 2022 and unveiled three unique products namely the OHealth H1 health monitor, the MariSilicon Y chip, and Air Glass 2 glasses.

OHealth H1 Health Monitor

OPPO INNO Day - Day 1 - OHealth H1 - 2

The OHealth H1 health monitor is the first product under the company’s OHealth brand. It is able to:

  • monitor blood oxygen
  • perform an ECG
  • heart and lung auscultation
  • check heart rate and body temperature
  • track sleep
OPPO INNO Day - Day 1 - OHealth H1 - 1

It has an oval design with rounded edges. The new device combines the monitored data with OPPO’s health algorithms for a detailed health overview, allowing you to share the data with your doctors.

MariSilicon Y

The MariSilicon Y chip, on the other hand, is not a successor to the MariSilicon X imaging Neural Processing chip but it is the company’s second custom chip.

OPPO INNO Day - Day 1 - MariSilicon Y

The new MariSilicon Y chip is a Bluetooth audio SoC. It is the first to use the advanced N6RF technology, allowing a 50% bump in Bluetooth bandwidth compared to current Bluetooth chipsets.

This means the chipset can transmit 24-bit/192kHz lossless audio over Bluetooth.

Air Glass 2

OPPO INNO Day - Day 1 - Air Glass 2

Lastly, the OPPO Air Glass 2, the company’s latest Assisted Reality glasses. It weighs just 38g and is built with a self-developed resin SRG-diffractive waveguide lens. The lenses will support vision correction and will be customizable.

As for the capabilities of the glasses, they will allow you to make calls, get real-time translation, location-based navigation, as well as convert voice into text for people with hearing impairments, to name a few.


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