Samsung ISOCELL HP3 200MP Sensor Unveiled


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Samsung has just showcased its latest 200MP sensor called the ISOCELL HP3 making it the first of its kind in the market.

The new sensor has a 1/1.14-inch footprint and contains pixels that are 0.56 microns in size. These tiny pixels enable Samsung’s latest Tetra2pixel technology. 

Meaning they can be binned or be grouped together as one in squares of up to 16 for images of 12.5MP resolution with improved low light performance.

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Furthermore, the Samsung ISOCELL HP3 features Super QDP which enables every single pixel to support auto-focus while 4 of them can combine to make a phase-detection module in the vertical and horizontal positions. These will all result in increased speed and accuracy.

This 200MP sensor also comes with the manufacturer’s latest version of the Smart-ISO Pro which gives it the ability to select Low, Mid, and High ISO as opposed to only Low or High. This was made to grant dynamic range improvements and also allows the HP3 to support 4 trillion colors with a color depth of 14-bits. Moreover, it is also rated for 8K 30 FPS recording or 4K 120 FPS recording.

Lastly, Samsung promises that this new sensor will bring “movie-like cinematic footage” to the upcoming next-gen phones that will feature the said sensor. Mass production of the sensor is mentioned to begin this year.


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