Samsung Addresses App-throttling Issues, Software Update Coming Soon

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Samsung just recently launched the Galaxy S22 series. Recently, users have discovered the “Game Optimizing Service” feature that has a list of around 10,000 apps that were being throttled. The list contains almost all known popular apps that are being used.

Furthermore, benchmarks apps were not being targeted by this feature, and this means that recent benchmark results might give false or inaccurate scores. This has been happening since the Galaxy S10.

“We value the feedback we receive about our products and after careful consideration, we plan to roll out a software update soon so users can control the performance while running game apps,” Samsung said in a statement to The Verge.

Samsung’s claims that the Game Optimizing Service only affects games might not be true. The data has been shared and it seems that only 3,200 of the 10,000 listed apps were games.

The question though is, what are the 6,800 normal app listings doing in the service in question? There is no reason to hard-code these apps into the service.

The spokesperson continued, “The Game Optimizing Service (GOS) has been designed to help game apps achieve great performance while managing device temperature effectively. GOS does not manage the performance of non-gaming apps,”

Samsung Throttling apps
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Is Samsung controlling your Phone Throttling Remotely?

A post shared that Geekbench disguised as Instagram claimed that Samsung is throttling apps that are not games and that Samsung is throttling these apps but not every time. The Geekbench – Instagram app was reported to be treated differently by the system scoring anywhere from 3200 to 2100.

Android apps absolutely have the ability to ship multiple behaviors, connect to a server, and change how they function through server-side flags. Apps today have changed how they worked compared to their predecessors even if you have not installed any updates.

Samsung is changing how the optimization service works remotely in response to complaints. The company promised to ship an off switch, but the question now is did we really need this feature in the first place? Samsung is going to release a patch that allows you to turn it off. However, there was no mention of when exactly the patch will be released.


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