OPPO Working on Zero-Power Communication Devices Powered by Wireless Signals


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OPPO has just revealed that it is working with partners to make Zero-Power Communications devices as a part of next-generation communications technologies.

OPPO Zero-Power Communications

The company examines the technical positioning of Zero-Power Communication technology in the context of current unmet demand in the IoT space while outlining a roadmap.

The current majority of portable electronic devices rely on batteries as their power source. Zero-Power Communication technology avoids the need for batteries by harvesting ambient radio frequency energy including TV towers, FM towers, cellular base stations, and WiFi access points.

OPPO Zero-Power Communications - Zero-Power devices

This is then used to generate power, resulting in highly compact, efficient, and low-cost devices. This benefits commercial applications like warehousing, logistics, and agriculture. Additionally, it will include wearable devices, smart homes, to name a few.

“From the first to the fourth generations of mobile telecommunications technology, the telecommunications industry has gone through four technological leaps — from analog to digital, to data, and finally to broadband. Each of these leaps has been designed to deliver faster data transmission rates; however, over the next decade, looking at 5G technology, we believe that technology should evolve to deliver greater convenience and sustainable value for society as a whole. Zero-Power Communications technology offers a means for electronics manufacturers to remove batteries from their products, reducing their costs and environmental impact in the process. As such, Zero-Power Communications is one of our core focus areas as we move into the B5G/6G generation.”

Henry Tang, OPPO’s Chief 5G Scientist.

The technology can be constructed in a framework that uses cellular communications, sidelink communications, or both. Cellular-based Zero-Power Communications systems are best able to support industrial sensor network applications.

OPPO Zero-Power Communications - RF Power Harvesting

Examples of these include applications where the devices may need to be deployed in extreme environments, where the number of devices in a network is large, or where the deployment and maintenance costs of using traditional active devices are high.

A hybrid approach using both cellular and sidelink communication methods will further allow developers to unlock more applications using the new technology.

OPPO has already successfully built its own Zero-Power Communication system. It demonstrated the feasibility of the concept as a viable approach to future communication networks. Additionally, the company is taking the lead in promoting the Zero-Power Communication standard, including proposing Zero-Power Communication research projects to 3GPP. Then, the company presents its findings during industry conferences like FuTURE and ICCC.

As the industry moves towards 6G technology, OPPO believes that Zero-Power Communication will work with other core technologies such as Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Symbiotic Radio, Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA), and AI to unleash the full potential of 6G.

Before the Zero-Power Communication White Paper, OPPO published its 6G AI-Cube Intelligent Networking White Paper in its continued research into cutting-edge communication technologies.

OPPO Zero-Power Communications - two white papers

OPPO is targeting to release commercial Zero-Power Communication technology within the next 3 to 5 years as it continues to build smarter, more convenient, and greener communications systems.

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