Panasonic Develops New Cheaper to Produce Lens Molding Tech

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Panasonic has just launched a new lens molding technology that’s said to be cheaper to produce while also being more reliable with better performance.

Panasonic new lens molding tech

The new molding tech uses a far-infrared tech molding technology for far-infrared aspherical lenses. It uses chalcogenide glass that boosts the performance of both cameras and sensors.

The company boasts that it doesn’t need adhesive which reduces the chance of gas contamination in the lens. This protects the edge of the lens and improves the accuracy of the installation.

The new process can be done for both aspherical and diffractive in a variety of sizes.

Panasonic new lens molding tech 2

Panasonic mentioned in its announcement that it is now ready to ship out prototypes of the news lens molding tech and will kick off mass production after.

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