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Meta has just announced that it has updated the end-to-end encrypted chats on Messenger. Among the features the company added include group chat and calls that include video and voice and GIFs and stickers, to name a few.

Previously, the optional feature was only available for one-on-one chats but if there’s a need to protect group chats, it is now an option. As the company puts it, “Now you can choose to connect with your friends and family in a private and secure way.”

Messenger Encrypted chat update - Forwarding and Photo

In addition, you can now send GIFs and stickers as well as some of the features we already enjoy in regular chats like reactions, replies, forwarding messages, and typing indicators. Meanwhile, if you’ve sent disappearing messages, you will now be notified if someone takes a screenshot.

If you decide to send a video or a photo to your friend/s and family, you can now edit them to add things like stickers, text, scribbles, or even crop them. Additionally, you can edit the audio for videos.

Messenger Encrypted chat update - Editing

Lastly, you can now save media by long-pressing on photos or videos.

Do keep in mind though that encrypted chats on Messenger have to be manually activated by going into the menu. This is compared to Whatsapp which is already encrypted from the get-go.

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