Dizo Star 300 and Star 500 Feature Phones Launched in India


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After realme’s AioT sub-brand Dizo teased its first phone on social media, the brand silently unveiled the Dizo Star 300 and Star 500 feature phones in India today.

Dizo Star 300 and Dizo Star 500

The Dizo Star 300 has a 1.77-inch display and a 2550mAh battery. Meanwhile, the Star 500 has a larger 2.8-inch screen but a smaller 1900mAh battery. Both phones feature a 0.3MP camera with flash but differ in the camera module. The Star 300 has a rectangular module, while the 500 has a circular camera island and a textured back.

They both support 5W charging via a microUSB port and 2G connectivity. Additionally, the two feature phones have dual SIM slots and an microSD card slot of up to 64GB. They also have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Both Star phones features Bluetooth, alarm, calendar, sound recorder, FM radio, and a music player. They both have 32MB of RAM and 32MB of storage.

Dizo Star teased
Source: Dizo Twitter

Prior to the launch, the sub-brand just posted one photo on Twitter with a phone with a circular camera module at the back. This is the same design that we see on the Dizo Star 500.

The Star 300 is priced at INR 1,299 while, the Star 500 is priced at INR 1,799.

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