Xiaomi Reveals its Quad-curved Waterfall Display Concept Phone


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Xiaomi has just unveiled its latest concept phone that features what the company calls an 88-degree hyper quad curved screen. The last concept device the company showcased was the Mi Mix Alpha in 2019.

The device has no ports or physical buttons but comes with four rounded cutouts in each corner of the phone which is presumed to prevent accidental palm touches. The video also showed the status bar being showed on the top right-hand side of the device which would offer more real estate for everyday use.


The video and promotional images are just renders of the device though and not an actual device. However, Xiaomi representatives have confirmed to The Verge that there is a actual prototype. What wasn’t mentioned though is if the technology will feature on any phone any time soon.

Many concept phones and their technologies don’t really see it to the consumer market but it is very refreshing to see companies present new ideas to the smartphone market and this is no different.

We’ve seen curved screens and their buttons being replaced by virtual alternatives in phones like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro which makes some of the features of the concept phone very plausible. In addition, there have been big leaps in wireless charging which should make the lack of ports pretty real.


However, what makes me skeptical of the new Xiaomi concept phone is the lack of space for you to actually hold the phone without accidentally tapping the display. Sure, four corners offer some safe haven but when you’re gaming or just deep into typing, you’re just bound to just rest the sides of the phone on your fingers.

That said, I definitely would want to see the concept phone come into fruition or at least experience it for myself though.

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