LG has Created a Projector-Less LED Movie Theatre in Collaboration with Dolby Laboratories


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LG LED Cinema (1)LG Electronics continues to push the boundaries and limits of imagination as they recently opened the world’s first movie theater equipped with its revolutionary LED Cinema Display technology featuring Dolby’s cinema server solution and Dolby Atmos immersive audio in Taiwan.

In collaboration with Taiwan’s leading theater chain, Showtime Cinemas, the facility is the first in the market to completely utilize LED technology in lieu of projectors.

LG and Dolby Laboratories closely collaborated to integrate Dolby’s Integrated Media Server (IMS3000) with LG’s LED Cinema Display. Dolby’s IMS3000 lets movies to play in full Dolby Atmos to produce a wide soundstage that surrounds the audience by projecting sounds that correspond to the movement and position of objects on the screen.

Pairing Dolby Atmos with the vibrant, lifelike images of LG’s LED Cinema Display creates a more immersive experience that makes going to the movies even more memorable and magical.

LG LED Cinema (2)At 45 feet wide and 22 feet high, the dazzling LG screen produces finely-detailed 4K images on a scale rarely seen. Unlike standard projectors that use a single light source, LG LED Cinema has LEDs emitting individually and offers and excellent brilliance uniformity. As there is no dimming and image distortion like fading, LG LED Cinema delivers a clearer and uniform image representation on the entire screen.

It also guarantees a superior contrast ratio and amazingly accurate color reproduction, due to its ability to control each individual pixel. Most cinemas feature a DCI-P3 Color Gamut spec, but the actual colors the audience feels may be different. LG LED Cinema accurately reproduces the colors intended by the content creator and delivers the DCI-P3 Color more vividly.

LG LED Cinema also meets the highest standards for content security and Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) certification.

To know more about LG’s business solutions, click here.

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