Emperion teases the Nebulus – a phone that runs Window 10 on ARM that runs Android apps


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Emperion has just teased a new phone dubbed Nebulus. It is said to run on Windows 10 on ARM while also being able to run Android apps.

The Nebulus is the first phone to offer a mobile Windows experience. According to a report by WindowsCentral, it will also run on Emperion’s own UI.

The Emperion Nebulus packs an overclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 854 SoC under the hood along with expandable storage of up to 2TB via microSD. Its battery gets its juice from a USB-C port but also has wireless charging support.


When the company was asked about how the phone runs Android apps, all that was said was, “The Android App system will be native, we can’t say much more currently…”

The Nebulus will also reportedly have native calling and SMS, among other phone functions but with it running on Windows 10 on ARM, it is uncertain exactly how it does this. It could rely on other apps like Skype for messaging and calls or maybe an app unique to the company’s UI that aids them in this.

The company will sell the device SIM-free via its website. It is in negotiations with a UK-based cellular provider and also has plans to ship it in the US.

Emperion Nebulus is definitely a unique phone which in turn brings interest. However, the uncertainty of how things are done is just quite unnerving. We look forward to seeing how it all runs and how smooth the experience is.


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