Riot Games kicks off Season 10 with the Warriors cinematic


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Riot Games opened the 10th season of League of Legends with a new cinematic featuring the OG of the Worlds theme songs, Warriors. This isn’t the Imagine Dragons version though, it’s instead a rendition featuring 2WEI and Edda Hayes.

Like many cinematics from the company that brought us League of Legends, Warriors features some of the champions from the game. The Warriors cinematic features the Demacian champions, Garen, Lux, and Galio and other champions like Vi, Ezreal, and Kai’Sa to name a few.


Urgot grabs Vi with Fear Beyond Death, but Vi is able to break free by removing her gloves | Photo: League of Legends YouTube

Warriors has three different stories throughout the cinematic. The Demacian story in Freljord, the Piltover – Zaun conflict, and Ezreal exploring with Kai’Sa helping him out. Each of which are very interesting in their own ways but the Demacian story is probably the most interesting lore-wise.


Ezreal snatches the Tear of the Goddess which triggers a trap | Photo: League of Legends YouTube

Sylas, the Unshackled, was released about a year ago and as far as lore goes, he was a prisoner in the western kingdom of Demacia for accidentally killing people with magic. He eventually broke free from the prison by touching Lux after a visit from the Demacian mage. The next short story on the Unshackled is set in Freljord and promises them through a pass in northern Demacia. It was in this pass in northern Demacia that we see the battle in the Warriors cinematic take place.


Sylas is ready to take on the Demacian army with Lux and Garen in the middle and Galio looking ready to charge in the back | Photo: League of Legends YouTube

This is the first time that Sylas faces Lux, Garen, and the Demacian army since the Demacian mage uprising. Sylas is backed by a Freljordian army of his own this time around.

In addition, seeing Lux summon Galio and charge a Final Spark at the end of the cinematic is the first time we see her use magic openly with other Demacians.

Overall, Warriors a beautifully done standalone video with realistic graphics. Warriors is an amazing addition to the growing collection of League of Legends cinematics. It is one that seems to carry over some of the existing lore. It’s definitely a good way to hype the new season and decade.

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