Gamer got fit with Nintendo Switch game, Ring Fit Adventure, and is our fitness goal for 2020!


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A Filipino gamer by the name of Migui Minaj shared his 30-day adventure with the Nintendo Switch title Ring Fit Adventure on Facebook. The adventure began with him at 78kg (around 172lbs) and ended at 69kg (around 152lbs). Yes, 9kg lost by playing the game (and a good diet as well). As of today, it’s gone viral across various Nintendo sites applauding Migui for his fitness journey!

Migui said that he played the game for just 25 minutes a day for 30-days and cut back on carbs. In addition, he lessened his rice intake to one cup per day and didn’t eat after 7 PM.

Working out and getting fit usually comes with sacrifice and hard work. Based on the post and the result, both of them were checked off. His dedication to playing Ring Fit Adventure for 25-minutes per day and eating less rice paid dividends. The latter seems a bit harder especially with the holiday season and just the general love of Filipinos all things rice. It really takes discipline to stick to a healthy diet, something we’ve probably tried to do but couldn’t because that extra cup of rice is always tempting!

Ring Fit Adventure is an action roleplaying game on the Nintendo Switch that requires actual movement from the player in order to play the game. It uses the motion controls of the Joy-Con in sensing the player’s movements along with the included Ring-Con and Leg Strap.

Not only does the game require you to jog in place in order to move in-game, but it also requires other exercises like lunges and squats in order to attack the monsters in-game.

The journey and adventure of Migui with the game and his road to being fit is truly inspirational and an awesome way to start the new decade!


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