Singapore leg of World Strand Tour a huge success, Kojima takes pictures with EVERYONE


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Over the weekend, the Singapore leg of the World Strand Tour 2019 was held at the lovely Victoria Theater and fans from across the region took time to get a glimpse of famed game director Hideo Kojima. Some even brought Death Stranding merchandise, from the newly released PS4 Pro Death Stranding Edition even to the BB pods that came with the Collectors Edition, taking a chance that they may be able to have Kojima sign parts of their collection.

Little did they know that PlayStation Asia and Kojima had a surprise for them as it was announced towards the end of the event that Kojima-san and Shinkawa-san would take pictures with EVERYONE who attended. All 500+ attendees would be able to get their picture taken with Kojima!

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That’s right, everybody got their wish granted and even if it was just a brief shot with Kojima, it was more than enough for the fans as it was the closest they got with meeting their idol in the flesh.

All of the photos of the attendees were uploaded on the PlayStation Asia Facebook page, full res images can be seen here.

We flew in to witness the event first hand with no expectations but came home fulfilled and stunned at the same time because we not only got to take a photo with both Kojima-san and Shinkawa-san, they actually signed our stuff too!


It was a once in a lifetime chance to create a connection with all of the fans and even with both Shinkawa and Kojima themselves, and we absolutely thank them for the time they took to address all of the fans. PlayStation Asia did good with a very organized and memorable event and for that, we give them a lot of “likes”! (Y)

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