NTT LTD: Data, Automation and IoT Towards Virtual Societies


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NTT Ltd., the world-leading global technology services provider has recently revealed its predictions for 2020 in terms of trends in tech.

Based on key insights from its technology experts, the company outlines the trends that’ll shape the business Technology landscape throughout 2020. across six key areas:

  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workplace
  • Infrastructure
  • Business
  • Technology Services

NTT Ltd. CTO Ettienne Reinecke predicts that mainstream adoption of disruptive technologies in 2020 will see data, automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies jive together for connected cities and societies.

The company predicts that 2020 will be all about seeing the hype words of the past decade come together to create completely connected environments capable of running themselves autonomously to build intelligent cities, workplaces and businesses on a secure basis.

Data, AI, and secure design will be at the core of this movement, allowing devices to talk to one another and act on that information without human intervention. Smart cities and IoT will become the norm as they can improve productivity, growth, and innovation across entire regions.

“We will see most cities and societies starting to follow in the footsteps of Las Vegas City, which has become intelligent in the way it shares data across the region, improving situational awareness through video and sound data. With IoT technology on a secure infrastructure, it’s created a safer environment to live in, improving living conditions and, ultimately, saving lives. Projects like these need a variety of different technology capabilities to come together in order to achieve great things, so building fully connected environments will be the key focus point next year.”

– Ettienne Reinecke, NTT Ltd. CTO

Some of the disruptive technologies from the predictions include:

  1. Digital Twinning: With enough datapoints, you can model behavior or understand patterns, and come to more accurate conclusions more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of modern-day science.
  2. Building trust through digital interactions: With the evolution of AI, things can move from being purely transactional to having a more relational engagement with customers, with rules that bring empathy to the interaction and establish trust with the customer.
  3. Immersive, responsive ‘phygital’ spaces, where the physical world blends with the digital take any space – a meeting room, office, shop, VIP box in a stadium – and use technology to transform it into a virtual environment that can create any range of experiences.
  4. Smart buildings that will use IoT to make inhabitants feel more comfortable – things such as intelligently adjusting temperatures to the number of people, or even the lighting, while becoming more sustainable.
  5. Data Wallets: putting date in the hands of the person who owns it and making it completely secure for them. Nobody can access the data without permission, and a proper lock down in the event that the user is under threat.

To know more, you may visit the dedicated Future Disrupted page.

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