LG patents a three-piece, two-display foldable phone design

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LG Electronics has patented a foldable phone design made up of three pieces, two displays, and no ports.

So far, only two companies have unveiled foldable phones. These, of course, are Samsung and Huawei with the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X, respectively. While LG may not have announced any foldable phones yet, the company spearheaded the foldable revolution as early as 2014, possibly even 2013.

lg foldable phone patent 2

Photo: GSMArena

lg foldable phone patent 4

Photo: GSMArena

The designs of an LG foldable smartphone has surfaced and it may hint at where the direction the company is planning to take its foldable smartphone panel tech.

A document detailing the “Z-Fold Type Foldable Smartphone” was just recently published in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database. The document itself contains a surprisingly large number of sketches. The pictured device combines a foldable display bending inward with a separate second display, which is also mounted in an interesting way. The outer segments look to fold in on the middle one, positioning the separate display on the front of the folded-in device. In this folded state, all the tpyical features of a smartphone are just where one would expect – main camera on the back, power and volume rockers on the side, and speakers on the bottom.

lg foldable phone patent 3

Photo: GSMArena

What is absent in the sketches is a USB Type-C port, which may hint to a wireless-only charging scheme. Along with this, the device doesn’t appear to have a selfie camera and a visible fingerprint reader. Both features may be tucked away in at least one of its displays.

lg foldable phone patent 5

Photo: GSMArena

While it is very unlikely that we see something like the Z-Fold from LG in the near future, it is always amazing to see new tech and designs appear from companies, especially from a tech company like the Korean giant, LG Electronics.


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