Ookla: PLDT and Smart are the Philippines’ fastest fixed and mobile networks in 2018


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PLDT and Smart, according to Ookla, are the fastest fixed and mobile networks in 2018.

The latest report from Ookla, the leader in Internet testing and analysis, which spans Q3 – Q4 of 2018 reveals that Smart achieved a Speed Score of 15.57Mbps with average download speeds of 17.86Mbps and average upload speeds of 8.61Mbps. This is based on 2,186,540 user-initiated tests taken with Speedtest on LTE-capable devices in the Philippines.

pldt smart ookla 2While PLDT achieved a Speed Score of 18.57 with top download speeds of 52.28 Mbps and top upload speeds of 55.95 Mbps. This is based on 27,221,777 customer-initiated Speedtest nationwide for the same period.

The Speed Score is a measure that takes into account both download speed and upload speed. Tests used to calculate the mobile Speed Score exclusively come from ‘modern devices’, which are devices that are capable of connecting to the market’s fastest, generally available technology. While for fixed, Ookla assesses the best network speeds attained across a given network, accounting for tests that are taken on various Speedtest applications that connect to a fixed network, including tests taken on a mobile phone over a Wi-Fi connection.

These figures are improvements from Q1-Q2 scores where Smart posted a Speed Score of 14.98 and PLDT clocked in at 17.31 Speed Score.

Initial data from the country report from Ookla showed that Smart is still posting big leads in key cities like Quezon City, Makati, and Manila, while PLDT is still way ahead in Quezon City, Pasig, and Manila.

The Speed Score of 23.09 in Quezon City was reportedly twice that of the competing network. This reflects the results of the major network upgrade activities that Smart undertook in the city. The upgrade included activation of the LTE-Advanced and carrier aggregation.

pldt smart ooklaPLDT has committed what is estimated to around USD 5-million from 2016 to 2020 for its integrated fixed network expansion. In 2018, the capital expenditures were at PHP 58-billion.

Alongside Smart’s ramped-up Long Term Evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) rollout, PLDT is also aggressively rolling out its fiber broadband service. This supports the stepped-up deployment of the mobile network by providing high-capacity links for cellular base stations.

Smart has currently covered at least 90 percent of cities and municipalities to address the growing demand for broadband infrastructure and internet access. While PLDT fiber coverage for 5.75 million homes as of the end of Q3 of 2018.

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