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When one mentions 2K, “sports-simulation” comes to mind. And if basketball is your go to sport, the NBA 2K series is the gold standard. The tight gameplay, fluidity of animations and authenticity are unrivaled in the basketball video game space.

This of course, narrows down NBA 2K to a smaller market of ballers who appreciate the finer details of realistic basketball play. For us casual gamers who follow the NBA, know the difference of the pick and roll from the pick and pop, and would like to give this a shot, is it worth the money?

To answer that, I played NBA 2K19s story-mode and Exhibition Games for a few hours and here’s why I think its more than just a pick-up game.

Hands down, it’s the most authentic NBA simulation out there

CP3 2k19

CP3s dagger looks can be downright intimdating up-close

2K knows this is its main strength and it shows. And as an NBA fan, I surely noticed that the level of detail given to NBA players is impeccable. The all-too familiar Steph Curry quick release three is unmistakably his and his only. Kylie Irving’s crossover is just as fast and just as deadly. And yes, Lebron James’ slams feel just like a freight train and dislodges puny defenders.

The writing is topnotch

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You start as an undrafted journeyman working his way back to the NBA

NBA 2K has evolved from just offering playable teams to making a role-playing game. And with RPG should come a great storyline. The first few hours in the myPlayer career-mode is engaging and the dialogue is worth the listen. The added drama of being a frustrated undrafted player really cuts across which makes the journey to the NBA all the more satisfying.

The Stretch Five is within reach

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Height alone a player does not make. The wingspan attribute is just as important as your height in NBA 2K19.

And  to borrow a page from the RPG genre, it also has player archetypes. Sure you have the five positions (Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center) as the base but now there’s an extra-layer of customization. Back then, you can’t create a 3-point shooting big man. Now, it’s no longer a stretch to become a “Stretch 5” ( A center who stretches the defense because he can shoot the corner 3.)

Next-level facescan

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That’s me on the right. But with a beard and more hair.

Want to be REALLY in a baller’s shoes? Put your face on one. Thanks to the ever-improving selfie cameras in phones, Facescan is easier to implement compared and captures more detail versus using the Playstation Camera. All you need is a fair amount of light and sync your account with the NBA 2K app, then you’ve got your face on one. Just add your dream-bod, and your player tendencies, then you’re ready to ball.

The intangibles count

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If only fantasy bball were as detailed as this. I’d pick the scrappy ones.

If you think basketball is all about scoring, rebounds and assists, then you don’t know basketball. The game is a combination of all things big and miniscule. Scoring points can give you some credits, sure. But what really puts money in the bank are the little things that add up. Hustle plays like setting picks, boxing out for rebounds and even poking the ball loose are rewarded and encourages you to put your best on both ends of the floor.

So there you have it, our Top 5 reasons why NBA 2K18 is worth the money. But as an NBA fan, do you really need a reason?

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Next in his sights is PC gaming. The platform which he nows considering going back to after a two decade hiatus.

Oh, and let's not forget the Nintendo Switch...

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