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So how’s your wallet doing?

Have you decided to jump-in on any of the bundles thrown your way last Black Friday and Cyber Monday? How about giving in to the jaw-dropping markdowns on just released games? Or, did you hold-off for now, knowing that one of the much awaited bundles on the Playstation will be coming in January 2018?

If the hype surrounding the promotion of the game in the Tokyo Game Show 2017 is any indication, this game is going to be a massive hit. If you’re new to the game as I am, here’s a short lesson in Monster Hunter history:  Monster Hunter World is the fifth title in the Monster Hunter franchise. The first one was released in 2004 for the Playstation 2.  It’s pretty much stayed true to its formula of having an open-world, action-rpg, third-person perspective hunting game.

If you liked critically-aclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll like this one. Compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, this one’s got over-the-top weapons and abilities. Fancy a triple somersault spinning attack while wielding a hammer that’s as big as your character? And, let’s not forget the gigantic, living, breathing, cold-blooded monsters that give you an awesome hunting challenge. Couple this with its own limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD RATHALOS bundle, then what’s not to like?


Smokin’ inside and out. The PS4 Pro is inked with Rathalos.

The PlayStation 4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD RATHALOS EDITION bundle should be worth the wait.

From the press release:

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) just announced that the special design model PlayStation 4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD RATHALOS EDITION”  will be available in limited quantities with a price of PHP 26,480, at the end of January 2018.

This PS4 Pro console comes with the design of a silhouette of an angered Rathalos—a popular monster from the MONSTER HUNTER series—firing flares from its mouth. It is a luxurious high sense design with a drawing of the fearless Rathalos on the gloss finished surface cover of the console, along with the gold print logo and icon as well as placing an emphasis on the angered glare from the wyvern. Furthermore, the bundled DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller will also be a special model with the design of the wyvern’s wing in the color of the flame. Last but not least, the Blu-ray Disc version of the PS4™ software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” (to be released on end of January, 2018/Publisher: CAPCOM CO., LTD.) will be also included for the players to fully enjoy the world of MONSTER HUNTER.

The bundled software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” is the latest installment of the action RPG game series “MONSTER HUNTER” that gives players the thrill of confronting gigantic monsters in the wondrous nature. Players will get to feel the ultimate hunting experience by taking down monsters using everything available in this living, breathing ecosystem, where a variety of ever-changing terrain are also newly introduced.

PlayStation®4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD RATHALOS EDITION Product Information [Limited Quantity]

Release DateEnd of January, 2018
PricePHP 26,480
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
Bundle Content・ PlayStation®4 Pro Console (CUH-7100 series, HDD 1TB) x 1 ※Original Design

・ (DUALSHOCK®4) wireless controller x 1 ※Original Design

・ PS4™ Software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” Blu-ray Disc Version x 1


・ PlayStation®4 One-Year extended warranty service voucher card x 1

・ Mono Headset x 1

・ Power Cord x 1

・ HDMI® Cable x 1

・ USB Cable x 1

・ Printed Documents


Allan Abaca is an avid gamer through and through. Virtually, he is locked-in with his PS4 almost daily and has just introduced the awesomeness of gaming to his two sons.

Next in his sights is PC gaming. The platform which he nows considering going back to after a two decade hiatus.

Oh, and let's not forget the Nintendo Switch...

His psn id is hip2b2

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