FFXV: Monster of the Deep, Because Fishing is Life

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Square Enix has decided to let you have a bit more fun with its newest addition to the Final Fantasy XV story (actually, more of a sideline).

With Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep, you can use the PlayStation VR to battle the most fearsome creatures of the seas, and catch them. Yes, you go fishing. Well, the main goal is to get up close and personal with the title, an aggressive Monster of the Deep.

The game lets you look around 360° along with your handy fishing rod. Well, the gameplay is quite simple actually. Select a spot where you’ll throw the line, wait for a bite, and control it so that the fish doesn’t escape. Oh, and you’ll have a device which can sort of predict where the good spots are.


For a VR Game, it’s not exactly boring, nor is it fun. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to record gameplays at the event as part of the pre-sales restrictions by Sony. Perhaps we’ll see more when the game gets released this November, and we’ll have to wait for a local copy to find out. There’s an official site where you can find more info, just click here.


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