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Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, launched the Easy Line Industrial Automation Offer in the Philippine market at the Ascott Hotel in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

The Easy Line is a range of automation and control products that have been developed to provide innovations to the emerging markets. It comes in three offerings: Automation Offer, Panel Builder Offer, and Universal Offer. The essential automation and control product lines include Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Power Supply, PLC, Drives, Push Buttons, and Control and Signalling. These products are designed to operate in harsh environments and are intuitive to set up and use.

Below are the specific product offerings that Schneider Electric is making available to the Philippine market:

Universal Offer: Drive: Altivar Easy 310

  • V asynchronous motors rated from 0.37 kW/0.5 HP to 11 kW/15 HP
  • Easy use: short menu label and full parameter list; power off configurable, even in its packaging; using the Multi-Loader console; quick start guide for immediate setup
  • Robustness: air flow system and resistance to disturbed power supplies; all cards are coated; working temp up to 55°C without de-rating; 10-year service life components
  • Price effective

Universal Offer: Relay: Zelio Easy RXLM*LB

  • Simple switching application
  • Plug and Switch
  • High level of robustness
  • Cost effectiveness for your application
  • Power & relays status indicator

Universal Offer: ABL2 Power Supply

  • Output 24V DC (+/-10% adjustable)
  • 7 power ranges from 35W to 350W
  • Input voltage switch between 115VAC and 230VAC can be carried out automatically by 35/50/100W products. For the other products, switch button on the side face need to be adjusted to achieve this function.
  • Green LED output indication

Panel Builder Offer: Push Button: Harmony Easy XA2

  • Round, Metallic Looking Bezel, Pushbuttons and Switches,Ø22; Round, monolithic plastic Pilot Lights, Ø22
  • Compactness with enough functions :PB, IPB, SS, KS, ES, PL
  • Easy to install, connect and simple to choose
  • Committed quality and robustness: CCC, IP54, millions of mechanical durability
  • Price effective

Panel Builder Offer: Drive: Altivar Easy 610

  • Special designed for pumps and fans speed control, from 0.75 to 160 kW, with below advantages:
  • Easy use: 7 pre-programmed function blocks; easy integration on an enclosure door with remote display terminal; colored control circuit terminals to avoid misuse
  • Robustness: innovative cooling air flow separate from the printed circuit board to avoid dust and oil corrosion; electronic cards with protective coating; working temp: – 10…+ 60°C; IP40
  • Price effective

Automation Offer: PLC: Modicon Easy M200 / M100

  • M200: flexible and scalable small controller, up to 188 I/O, 2 axis motion control
  • M100: basic and small logic controller , up to 40 I/O
  • Removable terminal blocks, flexible I/Os, 2 cartridges, and up to 4 expansions for M200; relay and transistor outputs, Ethernet and serial line ports
  • Easy use: standard USB port, USB powerless download; micro SD memory card (fast duplication); Run/stop switch
  • Robustness: protected inputs, outputs and DC power supply; coated electronic; IP20

Automation Offer: Tower Light: Harmony Easy XVG column

  • Essential touch screen panel, 2 sizes: 7“ & 10“
  • Universal Ø 60 monolithic tower lights, 2 to 4 stages
  • High practicality of features: 80dB buzzer , steady light with integral LED, 24V AC/DC
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extreme versatility of mounting
  • IP42, CE certification

Automation Offer: HMI: Magelis Easy HMIGXU

  • Essential touch screen panel, 2 sizes: 7“ & 10“
  • Focus on core functions: TFT color screens; USB connection; Ethernet port
  • Compact design (thickness 38mm max.)
  • Easy installation and connection: anti-drop hooks; embedded USB locker; screw installation fasteners
  • Robustness: PCBA coating for good behavior in polluted environments

With its newest Easy Line, Schneider Electric is making it possible for emerging economies to facilitate and maximize their growth efficiency. That goes in line with a UK government report in October 2013 that new economies will be playing a major role in the global economy particularly in the manufacturing industry.

“By launching Easy Line, we at Schneider Electric are reinforcing our commitment to providing our customers with the right balance between their investment and our products’ performance.” – Larry Cunanan, Head for Industry Business, Schneider Electric Philippines

Schneider Electric is certainly optimistic in creating a positive impact on Filipino consumers as it reinforces its Life Is On campaign by providing the Philippines with safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable products.

For more information on Schneider and its Easy Line products, you may visit their website at

Logo: Schneider-Electric

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