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Europe-based company Kitsound has always amazed us when it comes to sound devices. 3 of the devices we reviewed in the past are clear testaments of our amazement to the quality of their work. (Be sure to check out our reviews: Boom Evo, Manhattan and Hive.) A few months ago, we received a small package from them, and was surprised to see a teeny-weeny speaker, which the company aptly calls PocketBoom. Here’s how the device stacks up to our expectations.

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  • PocketBoom Speaker
  • 3.5mm Cable
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Manual



PocketBoom’s name is a homage to its premium and far superior speaker systems – Boom Evolution. It’s a small Bluetooth sound device that allows you to take your groove on the go. Its tiny can-inspired design with matte texture finish doesn’t look very elegant, but it’s something that will definitely fit inside your bag.

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Sitting on top of PocketBoom is the “Hands-free” button. When paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, pressing this button will pause the music you’re playing and route the call audio without any frills. There’s also a built in mic, which practically completes the hands-free call feature of the speaker. There’s a high chance though that you will use quite seldom but it’s a neat feature to have for a tiny speaker valued less than a thousand pesos.

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And while we’re talking about connectivity, PocketBoom does support Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it’s only 2.1 – not 4.0 LE – which is why it can only run up to less than 3 hours in one single charge. Should you have any issues with battery due to Bluetooth connection, the speaker has a built in AUX IN support.

[su_animate type=”tada”]Pro-tip: You can use your Xiaomi or Pyxis Powerbank to charge or even power up the device while listening to your music via Bluetooth or AUX IN. There’s one downside though: it uses a mini USB cable, which is quite difficult to find nowadays. Keep the supplied cable and don’t lose it.[/su_animate]


Sound-quality wise, PocketBoom performed better than our expectations. Its tiny driver with 1 W + Passive radiator give off loud yet clear sound, a quality that’s rare for a small speaker. It’s perfect for listening to music while playing card games, having chit-chat with friends in a closed room, for routing the sound of a game from your smartphone.

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Overall, PocketBoom is a must have if you’re scouting for a speaker that you wish to always take with you especially if you find the Kitsound Hive too big. For smartphone and audiophiles, the latter is a better option though, but if you’re after maximum portability, get the PocketBoom. Currently on sale at PhP995 at different colors (black, pink, white blue), this miniature speaker’s price may still be considered a bit steep by some people. But we dare you try listen to its output before belittling this speaker. Pun intended.

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