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Looking for a loud 2.1 speakers with minimalist look is a bit difficult nowadays. Some look really good and simple but lack the capability to produce precise acoustic and bass sounds. And sometimes, some 2.1 speakers can produce the best sound there is, but lack the luster and style that can easily fit and suit your living room.


Well, you don’t have to look further because UK-brand, Kitsound, has just got the right one for you – this is Kitsound Boom Evolution. Fortunately, our friends from XTC Philippines sent us one and allowed us to use it as long as want too. First, let me take you through the unboxing and some demo of the speakers. The video below is 12-minutes long, so it should be able to cover everything you need to know about the device. Happy viewing!


Boom Evolution borrowed much of its look from Kitsound’s Boomdock sans the dock and tuning switches. Boom Evo has a glossy piano finish, meticulously assembled by hand. It is made from wood, and it just looks great in any setup. I set it up beside my Playstation 4, and boy, I was so stumped to see how the two look good together.


Kitsound neatly kept the sound drivers infront and its bass. While it seems that it looks small and compact, Boom Evolution fascinatingly delivers as expected. More on this later.

Let’s take a closer look at the speakers.

Kitsound Boom Evolution

This is the front side of Kitsound Boom Evolution. The speaker grilles protect and hide the 2 drivers. The intuitive controls and LED is located at the center.

The material they used isn’t scratch free, so you better use soft and lint-free cloth when cleaning the device.

The device has 3 switches, which you may use to control the volume and any paired device via bluetooth. The knob, located at the center, acts as the main switch to change the settings. The buttons surrounding it are switches to enable or disable features. Just above the knob is the On/Off/AUX button. Other than using it to turn on/off the device, you can switch it to a different mode to use the sound from the auxiliary. The back and forward buttons beside it are used to control music content from a bluetooth-connected device.

Below the knob is the bluetooth button, which you may press if you wish to connect a device. Beside it are treble and bass buttons, which you may use to increase or decrease frequencies independently.

Let’s take a look at the back of the speakers.


You will find the on/off switch and AC IN at the back of the speakers. There is a USB port, but it can only charge devices (5v; 1A). Unfortunately, the speakers does not have a feature similar to BoomDock and other speakers with docking capabilities. What does though are Audio auxiliaries (IN and OUT), which you may use to play sounds from other devices, and extend sound to other devices with AUX IN.

Sound Quality

Kitsound Boom Evo has a 3-inch front mounted drivers. The drivers fire clear and accurate sound output despite the shortage in size. It has 6-inch downward firing driver which is responsible for everything bass. The mix of all drivers produce a powerful but precise sound, perfect when listening to your music and even playing games.

Pairing devices – especially smartphones – are a bit straightforward. Here’s a list of devices I tried pairing with this speakers.

[su_spoiler title=”Paired Successfully ” open=”yes” style=”simple” icon=”plus-circle”]

  • LG G Pro 2
  • Asus Zenfone 5
  • iPad 3
  • Google Nexus 7 2013
  • Cherry Mobile Flare 3
  • iPhone 5/5s


[su_spoiler title=”Did Not Pair” open=”yes” icon=”plus-circle”]

  • Playstation 4


Unfortunately, I was not able to pair my PS4 via Bluetooth to the speakers. It would have been cooler had I paired it successfully. What’s my workaround? It’s a bit cumbersome, and I don’t recommend it. I used AUX, put the 3.5mm jack to the PS4’s Dualschock 4 controller and voila – sound from PS4 fired to Boom Evo’s speakers.


The speaker is perfect when listening to podcasts and even YouTube videos. Thanks to Boom Evo’s well-defined tonal balance. Details – even how minute – are very clear when I tried listening to some of my favorite podcasts like The Big Time Show (via The Technoclast) and The Cave (via Extra Rice). I’m utterly impressed.


Kitsound Boom Evolution is simply one of the best loudspeakers I’ve ever tested. It has unparalleled sound quality in a minimalist but highly functional package. The sounds fired from 2.1 drivers are accurate and with near-perfect tonal balance. This is something that your neighbors would really want to have when they get the chance to hear your music from the speakers. At PhP 14,990, Kitsound Boom Evo is obviously at the mid-tier premium loudspeakers category. It may be pricey, but its quality make it totally bang for your buck.


If you want to know more about Kitsound Boom Evo and Kitsound’s products, head on to they official Faceboo page here. Most official retailers offer the speakers at zero % interest for 6 months.

Full Specs

  • Satellite drivers: 3″ 30 W @ 4 ohm x 2
  • Subwoofer: 6″ 50 W @ 4 ohm
  • Bluetooth: V4.0
  • Unit size: H115.5 x W420 x D280 (mm)
  • Weight: 5.8 kg


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