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The Call of Duty series has completely transformed video gaming. Early games in the series were inspired by historical events from World War I and II, and they engaged players with frantic, large-scale gun battles across realistic environments and battlefields. However, the games left behind the constraints of this historical period and instead focused on the future with the release of the Modern Warfare titles. Completely redefining the single player and multiplayer experience, the popularity of the series exploded. The Call of Duty games have become some of the best-selling video games of all time, and the latest installment, Call of Duty Ghosts, is widely anticipated to be the best entry yet.

Next Generation Graphics

Call of Duty Ghosts will make full use of the graphical capabilities of next generation hardware. Debuting on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game will feature dynamic explosions, lighting and particle effects, photo-realistic modeling and real-time damage to environments. Powered by a new engine and groundbreaking console technology, Ghosts is expected to completely change the face of first person shooters.


New Multiplayer Features

The Call of Duty series has long held the crown for best online multiplayer. It should be no surprise that Call of Duty Ghosts has become the most awaited video game of 2013, thanks to its promises of delivering an even bigger and better multiplayer experience. Players can completely personalise their soldiers, weapon load outs, perks and strike packages with thousands of different customization configurations. Also, the introduction of squads will change the way teams play together and how players earn experience. Online matches will be a completely unique and personalised experience unlike any other Call of Duty game so far.


Engrossing Storyline

The Call of Duty games have always engaged players with in-depth, immersive storytelling and engrossing characters. The latest installment will be no different, and it has even employed the skills of Academy Award winning writer Stephen Gaghan to develop its futuristic story. Combining the large-scale worldwide mayhem of the Modern Warfare games and the stealthy gameplay of the Black Ops series, Ghosts will be a definitive entry in the shooter genre.


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