5 Awesome Gadgets You Can Give to Your Mom This Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day, Gadgets for mothers, Gadgets, Moms, Mothers

Most of you will agree with me if I say that it isn’t easy being a mother. Since their day is coming this Sunday, here are some gadgets you may want to give them. Most moms are not tech savvy but these are user-friendly gadgets that I’m sure they will enjoy using.

Digital Photo Frame

Mother's Day, Gadgets for mothers, Gadgets, Moms, Mothers

Since mothers are quite sentimental, this is perfect for them. Why not buy them a digital photo frame wherein they can see photos of special events of their lives. They can have thousands of pictures in front of them instead of having a bunch of frames in front of them. This is also a space saver. I’m sure they will enjoy watching it on their desk while at work or just looking at it while sitting on a couch.

Apple iPad Mini

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An iPad is also one of the best gifts that our mom may receive on her special day. This will be very handy whenever they want to do something on the net, read news, read an e-book, or randomly check on her Facebook account. She can also do her favorite thing on her iPad—shopping.

Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD

One Touch Scribe HD

Sleek and stylish phone, Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD is perfect for our moms. Aside from its clear High Definition wide display which makes texting easier for her, it also has a look perfect for mothers. She can also use it to always be connected with you with through apps that she can get in the Google Play Store. It also comes with a flip cover for phone protection and a stylus which makes phone navigation easier.

Orb Bluetooth Headset

Mother's Day, Gadgets for mothers, Gadgets, Moms, Mothers

A combination of fashion and technology, the Orb Bluetooth headset has the style and technology that our mothers need. The Bluetooth earpiece technology makes it easier for her to get calls while she’s on the go, waiting for a bus, driving, or taking a walk without taking her phone out in the public. It can also be transformed into a ring that she can wear on her hand. On top of it, she can also see notification on it like incoming calls, text, and calendar events without taking the ring from her finger.

Euroo Power Banks

Mother's Day, Gadgets for mothers, Gadgets, Moms, Mothers

Of course, gadgets are useless without power, so here is a device that will always keep our moms’ gadgets to never run out of juice. This power bank can fully charge two smartphones and perhaps it can charge up an iPad probably up to 60-80%. So wherever she may be, she doesn’t have to worry that her gadgets may run out of power. Plus, the power banks can fit in their pockets. More convenient than carrying different chargers and saves her the hassle of looking for a place to charge.

Our mothers have done a lot for us. Why not give them at least one of these 5 Gadgets for Mothers as a simple way to show our gratitude to them. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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