Globe and PCCED: Transforming the youth into active citizen through ICT


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Wanting it to capitalize on the important role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in encouraging active citizenship, Globe has entered into a partnership with Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (PCCED).

 “Globe is committed to helping transform the youth into active citizens through ICT. We know the importance of communications, both mobile and internet, in making the youth connected, informed, and empowered. PCCED is a critical partner of Globe through all these.”

“Globe, through its CSR iLead pillar, is dedicated to the establishment of peaceful, orderly and progressive communities through the advancement of good governance and excellence in public service”

Rob I. Nazal, Head of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility

ICT is really playing an important role today in the development of the youth, wherein information is being delivered in a fast paced manner. Although ICT has been widespread in some major cities in the Philippines, there is still a big percentage of Filipinos who has lack of knowledge in ICT. Either computers or internet is absent in their areas of their resources is not being maximized for the people to know more about ICT.

With the partnership of Globe and PCCED, more Filipinos will have access to ICT and know more about it. To ensure better learning and producing more active and knowledgeable youth, they have implemented the project in two strands, one for high school students via local showcases, and another for college students and teachers through the Leadership Communities (LeadCom) program which is also in partnership with the Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) as a post camp capacity building activity.

Some of Globes contribution to PCCED includes Tattoo broadband sticks, printers, and net books. Globe being the leading mobile network, is returning the favor to its subscribers by realizing and doing its social responsibility to the community.

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