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Sun has done it again. Being the first one to personalize your own number without going to the service center, surely, will drive mobile users crazy over this new feature.

Name Ur Sim, Sun Cellular, Sun Prepaid, Vanity SimName Ur Number SIM is one of the coolest products that Sun had recently released. Imaging using your name as your phone number as well as your chosen tagline for yourself. For just Php59, you will have FREE Prepaid service inclusive in SUN NAME UR NUMBER SIM that lets the subscriber select his desired mobile number. You will have an easier number to remember. You may use your name, birthday, or you own nickname.

Your number may represent who you are whether in school, sports, social networking, or in business. Using an alphanumeric keypad as a guide, you may configure your mobile number using names such as “0942-8-SOPHIA(767442), 0942-8-CHANCE(242623) or 0942-8-INDIRA(463472).” You may also use labels such as “0942-8-ROCKER(762537), 0942-8-BEAUTY(232889) or 0942-8-

GADGET(423437).  You may also use cheesy endearment for you and your partner such as “0942-8-MOIMAI (664624) and 0942-8-MAIMOI (624664), 0942-8-YOU&ME(968163) and 0942-8-ME&YOU(631968), or 0942-8-MYBEBE(692323) and 0942-8-BEBEKO(232356).

Nothing is best when you own your number and you are the one who personalized that number. “Here’s my number, so call me maybe.”


How to choose your own number? 

name ur sim 2


Load Problems?

Nothing to worry. Sun Name Ur Number SIM is reloadable and there are lots of load variants to choose from. You may choose between their Weekly Load or Payday Load variants.


Weekly Loads




•200 texts to other networks

•200 Sun texts

•70 mins Sun calls

•Valid 5 days

 Text Unlimited 60


•Unlimited Sun texts

•1 hr Sun calls

•100 texts to other networks

•Valid 7 days

 Payday Loads



•600 texts to other networks

•600 Sun texts

•250 mins Sun calls

•Valid 15 days

Text Unlimited 200


•Unlimited Sun texts

•4 hrs Sun calls

•500 texts to other networks

•Valid 30 days


Sun Cellular is really good in coming up Name Ur Number SIM. Prepaid users will enjoy this benefit of choosing their own number which was before exclusive to postpaid subscribers. You should get one now and personalize your own number before others get ahead of you in choosing the number of your choice. I just configured mine now.

I love this Sun’s new idea. Should I say, “Who is the real 0942-8-G-E-N-I-U-S?”



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