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Zef Mondoyo

Zef Mondoyo is currently working as an IT Administrator at Ascott Makati. He is a certified Otaku, PC and Console gamer and a lover of technology.

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    i think the battery life is good enough for a whole day of texting, about max of 5hrs of internet thru wifi everyday and 5 hrs of music. i use it almost everyday like this and have spare battery life to enjoy 2k14 at night . Cosmos S is great. i recommend it

  • koso

    its dragon trail glass thingy is not what i expected it to be like. i dont know how they do their demonstrations on it, but with practical daily use of someone as carefree as me with my gadgets, gosh!!!, what an unsightly screen do i have now, there’s this one deep scratch on my phone, its very first and followed by more and more and even more small scratches. i kinda hate that part of advertising, over estimating or exagerating their products capabilities. and they had a delayed release of its screen protector and even the casing.

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