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9Expert Score
Very Good

Minimal but performance-centric

Design and Build Quality
  • Extremely lightweight and nimble
  • Smooth glide
  • Good overall performance in wireless mode
  • Versatile in terms of connectivity
  • Excellent battery life
  • Only one RGB zone
  • Build quality could be better


ASUS ROG Keris II Ace is a gaming mouse designed with professional FPS players in mind. Weighing a mere 54 grams, this ultralight mouse boasts an ergonomic shape that has been thoroughly tested and approved by esports professionals. The Keris II Ace promises to deliver an exceptional gaming experience with its nifty features and excellent performance. Let’s find out if it really delivered.


ConnectivityUSB 2.0 (TypeC to TypeA)
Bluetooth 5.1
RF 2.4GHz
SensorROG AimPoint Pro
Resolution42000 DPI
Max Speed750 IPS
Max Acceleration50G
USB Report RateUp to 4000Hz (Wireless, 2.4G), 8000Hz (Wired) with ROG Polling Rate Booster
L/R Switch TypeROG 100M Optical Micro Switch
Aura SyncYes
Cable2m ROG Paracord
Dimensions121x67x42mm (L x W x H)
Weight54g (without dongle)

What’s in the Box

ROG Keris II Ace Review Unit (17)

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace comes well-equipped with a range of accessories and extras. The package includes the mouse itself, the ROG Polling Rate Booster for enhanced performance, a wireless receiver, a USB dongle extender, a set of mouse grip tapes for added grip, replaceable mouse feet, a 2-meter ROG Paracord cable, a warranty booklet, a quick start guide, an ASUS ROG sticker, and a thank you card.

Design and Build Quality

ROG Keris II Ace Review Unit (41)

The ASUS ROG Keris II Ace exudes a sleek and modern design. Its ergonomically shaped shell is crafted to provide maximum comfort and control, even during extended gaming sessions. The lightweight 54-gram construction ensures effortless maneuverability, and you can use the anti-slip mouse grip tape for a more secure and confident grip. I’ve used smaller mouse before which I thought was already very light, but this, this takes the cake.

ROG Keris II Ace Review Unit (32)

The size of the mouse is also just perfect for my hands, and the shape allows me to switch between finger and claw grip with ease. I also appreciate the simplicity, with just the right number of buttons to tinker with. All the switches to change the DPI, connection type, and polling rate are at the bottom, but you can assign some of these functions to the other buttons using Armoury Crate.

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The high-quality ROG Paracord and 100% PTFE mouse feet also enhances the mouse’s smooth and precise movements, allowing for a smooth glide. There’s one RGB zone, which is scroll wheel. It’s minimal, which I like, but still retains the character of the brand.

ROG Keris II Ace Review Unit (42)

As for the overall build quality, the mouse is, as you would expect, mostly plastic, most likely to save weight. That makes it feel less reassuring, especially if you’re someone who accidentally drops their mouse on a few occasions.

Performance and Benchmarks

ROG Keris II Ace Fortnite

At the heart of the Keris II Ace lies the powerful ROG AimPoint Pro optical sensor, capable of delivering up to 42,000 DPI resolution with less than 1% deviation, ensuring ultimate precision and accuracy. The mouse also features ROG Optical Micro Switches, which provide clicky and instant actuation with a lifespan of 100 million clicks. Additionally, the ROG SpeedNova wireless technology ensures low-latency, reliable wireless performance, and optimized energy efficiency.

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Using only the omni receiver, polling rate maxes out at 1000Hz, but thanks to an accessory included with the device – the polling rate booster, the polling rate can be set to as high as 4000Hz on wireless and 8000Hz on wired. To be specific, this means that the mouse reports your input to your PC or laptop for more precise movements and a faster response time, along with less input lag.

I’ve been mostly playing Fortnite and Farlight 84 these past few weeks, and I’ve gotta say that this mouse is a step up from my previous one especially in terms of how smooth the glide is, the precision when aiming.

CPI Divergence

ROG Keris II Ace CPI Divergence 2
ROG Keris II Ace CPI Divergence Wired

For this test, we are looking at how closed the measured dpi of the mouse is to the defaults. For the ROG Keris II Ace, it’s 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. The results are very close to the rated numbers.

Polling Rate and Stability

ROG Keris II Ace Polling Rate and Stability

For this test, we are looking for dots that are very close to the line. As you can see, with the exception of a couple, all of the dots are in line.

Input Lag and Smoothing

ROG Keris II Ace Input Lag and Smoothing

Again, we are looking for consistency here, with the dots that are as close to the line, and once again, there are only a few dots that weren’t.


ASUS ROG Keris II Ace allows for seamless switching between various devices with its tri-mode connectivity, including wired USB, low-latency 2.4 GHz RF, and Bluetooth mode, allowing the mouse to be paired with up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the ROG Omni Receiver enables wireless connectivity with multiple supported devices using a single receiver, emphasizing the mouse’s versatility and convenience.

Battery Life

ROG Keris II Ace Armoury Crate 5

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace boasts impressive battery life. In 2.4 GHz RF mode, with RGB lighting set to default in static, at the time of writing this review, it was running for 4 days and still has 53% battery remaining. The mouse that I’m currently using can only last two days at most, and that’s already decent for me, but this, this is way better.


ASUS ROG Keris II Ace seamlessly integrates with the Armoury Crate software, allowing users to customize various settings and preferences. From adjusting DPI levels to configuring button mappings, the software provides a user-friendly interface to fine-tune the mouse’s performance to meet individual gaming needs.

There’s just one tiny nitpick for me. When switching the DPI, it would be better to see the actual DPI on the notification instead of just “DPI 1, DPI 2,” and so on.

ROG Keris II Ace: Verdict

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace is an exceptional gaming mouse that delivers on its promise of superior performance and ergonomic design. With lightweight construction, precision sensor, responsive switches, and impressive battery life, it offers a competitive edge for any type of gamer.

It also offers premium features and build quality. Overall, it’s a solid choice for those seeking an ultralight, high-performance gaming peripheral that excels in daily use and for fast-paced FPS and basically most gaming scenarios.

At the time of writing, ASUS has yet to reveal the pricing of the ROG Keris II Ace, so we’ll probably update our overall verdict once that comes out.

Emman has been writing technical and feature articles since 2010. Prior to this, he became one of the instructors at Asia Pacific College in 2008, and eventually landed a job as Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Integrated Open Source Solutions for almost 3 years.

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